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Regional Development in Victoria

The Victorian Government is committed to investing in and growing regional Victoria to create new prosperity, more opportunities and a better quality of life

Regional Victoria has an open and diverse economy with competitive strengths including a strong growth in services, excellent quality food and fibre production, a highly skilled workforce and liveable cities and country communities.

The task for government is to continue building on the strength of the regions and maintain growth in the face of economic challenges that are having varied impacts across industry sectors and regions.

Regional Development Victoria (RDV) was created as a dedicated statutory body to facilitate economic, infrastructure and community development to support growth in regional Victoria.

Funding is available for projects which:

  • Provide better infrastructure, facilities or services;
  • Strengthen the economic base of communities; or
  • Create jobs and improve career opportunities for regional Victorians.

Funding mechanisms aim to ensure a competitive environment in which regional businesses can operate successfully, and to strengthen the resilience of regional industry in the face of social and environmental change.

It incorporates a grass roots approach to identifying and developing community-led projects, while ensuring that wherever country Victorians live they have access to opportunities, quality infrastructure and services.

On 12 February the Minister for Regional Development, Jaala Pulford, announced a review into the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources' (DEDJTR) regional service delivery model and the best policies to drive economic growth in regional Victoria.

The Review built on the considerable work to date and strategic planning already undertaken by regional leaders and communities across Victoria to identify the best options to drive sustainable economic growth in rural and regional Victoria. The Review was conducted from February through to May 2015. It involved:

  • The appointment of an External Advisory Board to oversee the work that included business, local government and community leaders from across Victoria
  • Conducting a program of targeted stakeholder engagement
  • Inviting input from members of the public via their local RDV office

The final report has now been delivered to Government


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Last Updated: 15 April 2016