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As part of its commitment to report on the outcomes of Regional Infrastructure funding, Regional Development Victoria reviews its programs and projects. Below are links to completed reports relating to regional infrastructure development funding programs.

The Four Seasons Energy Pilot Program Evaluation (March 2014)

The Four Seasons Energy Pilot Program provided funding between the years 2007-2012 to trial Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) technology. This Program was established in 2007 to demonstrate alternative sources of heating and cooling energy for regional communities and was provided as part of the Victorian Government’s 2005 Moving Forward initiative. Funding was provided to trial GSHP technology at public facilities. GSHPs provide efficient, low cost heating by transferring energy stored in the ground (or in water) to heat and/or cool buildings and are increasingly being used in rural and regional areas where reticulated gas is not available.
(PDF 956.2 KB)

The On-Farm Energy Pilot Program Evaluation (December 2013)

The On Farm Energy Grant (OFEG) Program was established to support Victorian farmers upgrade to a more secure and reliable energy supply, thereby enabling the utilisation of more efficient farming technology and encouraging growth in Victoria’s primary industries.
(PDF 694.4 KB)

Evaluation Report of the Regional Rail and Intermodal Projects (November 2013)

The program provided funding for projects that increased freight volumes by rail, that delivered significant regional and state-wide benefits to industries, and that provided certainty in planning and land-use issues. The report examines program effectiveness and program efficiency (PDF 1.0 MB)   (Word 2.7 MB)

Evaluation of the Rural Showgrounds Infrastructure Renewal Program (October 2012)

The program provided funding to showground operators and show societies to upgrade regional showgrounds in Victoria. The report provides an economic and social assessment of the program (WORD 4.0 MB)

Evaluations of the Water for Industry Infrastructure Program and Water and Energy Efficiency Program, inclusive of case studies (November 2013)

Download the evaluation of the Water for Industry Program (WEIP) - November 2013 (PDF 7.9 MB)
Download the evaluation of the Water and Energy Efficiency Program (WEEP) - November 2013 (PDF 6.3 MB)

Evaluation Report of the Local Roads to Market Program (September 2013)

The Program was designed to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of Victorian agricultural and horticultural producers by strategically upgrading local roads to enable access by larger and heavier trucks. The Report examines Program effectiveness and Program efficiency (PDF )

Evaluation of Regional Aviation Developments under the Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (September 2010)

A concise financial, economic and social and review of the 14 completed aviation projects funded under RDV's Infrastructure Development Fund since 2000 (PDF 1.3 MB)

Evaluation of Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (July 2008)

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) evaluation of the economic benefits of RDV's Infrastructure Development Fund to the regional Victorian economy. This final report quantifies the significant economic benefits to regional and rural communities since the fund's establishment (PDF 1.4 MB)

Natural Gas Extension Program (August 2005)

Economic Impact of the Natural Gas Extension Program - this report presents an economic review of the impacts arising from supplying 34 towns with reticulated natural gas.
Natural Gas Extension Program: Economic Review (PDF 230.9 KB)

Regional ports (November 2009)

Evaluation of the Local Ports infrastructure program
Local Ports infrastructure evaluation 12 Feb 2010 (PDF 737.9 KB)

Farming and agriculture programs

Evaluation of the dairy power infrastructure upgrades program which provided half of the costs facing dairy farmers in upgrading their power supply (PDF 103.9 KB)
Project evaluation document of the Dairy Industry Local Roads Program (PDF 1.4 MB)
Evaluation of RDV's Infrastructure Development Fund implementation of the National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) in Victorian saleyards (PDF 94.7 KB)
Evaluation of RDV's Infrastructure Development Fund Stock over/Underpass Road Safety program which provided grants towards the cost of installation of a stock over or underpass (PDF 163.4 KB)

Industrial Land and Industrial Estates (March 2008)

Evaluation of RDV's Infrastructure Development Fund Industrial Estate Development program.
Evaluation of Industrial Estates Development (PDF 452.9 KB)
Brochure on the audit of industrial land across regional Victoria to aid the strategic planning of industrial land use and development over the next five to 10 years.
Audit of Industrial Land in Provincial Victoria brochure (PDF 663.0 KB)

Small Towns Development Fund (2005)

Evaluation of the Small Towns Development Fund program which has helped Victoria's small towns develop the economic and social infrastructure they need to create new opportunities for economic growth.
Small Towns Development Fund (PDF 1.0 MB)

Hepburn Mineral Springs Bathhouse (2008)

Evaluation of the RDV's Infrastructure Development Fund investment in the Hepburn Springs Bathhouse refurbishment
Hepburn Mineral Springs Bathhouse refurbishment (PDF 1.4 MB)


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