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Regional Development Victoria

Regional Economic Development and Services Review - Terms of reference

The review will:

  1. Identify best practice, evidence-based policy directions to foster regional growth and job creation. This will include:
    1. Identifying the major economic,social and demographic issues facing regional Victoria. This analysis should include but not be limited to:
      • Industry profile – key sectors,strengths and weaknesses etc.
      • Education and training participation and attainment levels
      • Inter- and intra-regional transport connectivity
      • ICT/broadband capacity
      • Inter-regional variations,cross-regional issues and flows
    2. Undertaking a broad,'first principles' examination of what the evidence tells us about how to drive regional growth, with examination of key policy levers including: transport, infrastructure and planning; innovation and industry policy; trade and investment facilitation; education and training; and measures to foster a sound business environment such as regulation settings.
    3. Consider current regional strategic and related planning models and the evidence regarding the effectiveness of various models.
    4. Confirming key priorities for each region and broad policy directions, possible actions, and recommendations for further work to drive regional economic growth.
  2. Identify the approach to regional service delivery best able to deliver regional growth and job creation. This will include:
    1. Reviewing the history of regional delivery models in Victoria.
    2. Reviewing other jurisdictions' regional delivery models.
    3. Reviewing key functions in DEDJTR (notably Regional Development Victoria, including the domestic Victorian Government Business Office network; Agriculture Services and Biosecurity Operations; regional transport planning and investment facilitation; and the structural arrangements in place to drive tourism in regional Victoria), regional planning arrangements; and across Government (where appropriate).
    4. Having regard for the Government's election commitments for regional service delivery (e.g. establishment of new Regional Business Centres and Regional Cities Clusters).
    5. Recommending the mix of structural, governance, and strategic models for regional service delivery best suited to promoting long term prosperity in regional Victoria.

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Last Updated: 26 May 2017