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Victoria's Chicken Egg Industry

Victoria’s chicken egg production is located predominantly in south-western and south-eastern parts of Victoria close to Melbourne and in north-central Victoria close to the major highway to Sydney.

In 2012-13, Victoria produced approximately 78 million dozen eggs from a flock of approximately 3.7 million birds (25 per cent of the national flock).

Victoria removed statutory marketing arrangements for eggs in 1993. Since that time, production has become more concentrated, with a few large producers and many small and medium sized producers.

The main market for eggs produced in Australia is the domestic shell egg market. This market accounts for around 80–85 per cent of all eggs consumed. Most shell eggs are sold through retail chains.

The key change, to the Victorian egg industry, over the last decade has been the increasing influence of production methods in the decision making of consumers. While price remains the key influence (with caged eggs the cheapest), barn-laid and particularly free range eggs have grown their share of the market in response to consumer perceptions and attitudes towards animal welfare.

Poultry and Eggs industry information Standard – Primary Production and Processing Standard for Eggs and Egg Product
Environmental Guidelines for Egg Production Particular Provisions for Farming Zone

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