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Victoria's Sheep Industry

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Victoria is Australia’s largest lamb and mutton producing state. Sheep meat and wool production occurs across all regions of Victoria but is concentrated in the Warrnambool and South West regions, North West, Hume and Bendigo regions.

The sheep meat and wool industry is Victoria’s third second largest agricultural industry by value, with a gross value of agricultural production of around $1.54 billion in 2013-14. The gross values of sheep meat and wool production were $957 million, and $585 million, respectively. Victoria also has a small industry producing sheep milk for use in making cheese and yoghurt. There is no bulk pick up of milk, so producers must deliver it themselves to one of about eight cheese factories around the state.

Sheep production systems are almost all extensive. Intensive sheep meat and milk production systems are common in overseas markets and it is anticipated that interest in these systems will increase in Australia.

Victorian sheep meat production has been increasing over the last two decades. In 2014-15,  225 kilotonnes of lamb (carcase weight) was produced and Victorian sheep meat exports were valued at just over $1 billion.  At 30 June 2014, Victoria had 15.4 million sheep,  accounting for 21 per cent of Australia’s 72.6 million head flock.

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