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Talking to your neighbours and broader community

Odours, noise, dust and smoke are part of agribusiness operations. When considering a new development proposal, or a change to existing operations, you should think about how your proposal might affect other businesses and residents in the area

Taking the time to talk to neighbours prior to lodging an application may allow you to consider and address any concerns.

There are many ways you can engage with your neighbours and the broader community. A few ideas include:

  • Prior to submitting a planning permit application talk to affected landholders about your development and continue conversation throughout the process
  • Don’t forget  the wider community in your ongoing conversation about your development.
  • To ensure all relevant stakeholders are included, consider preparing a community consultation plan
  • Consider employing a suitably qualified professional person to manage your community engagement
  • Contact your local Regional Development Victoria representative for assistance and advice for best approaching community engagement.

Whichever method you select to engage with neighbours and community a few principles to consider are:

  • Early and inclusive engagement of the local community and other key stakeholders
  • Provide timely and responsive feedback so that those involved in the consultation understand how their feedback and comments are being used
  • Make every effort to minimise impact on residential properties that are located near development sites
  • Clearly articulate and provide evidence of any benefits of the proposal
  • Make all reasonable efforts to resolve conflict.


Next Steps

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Last Updated: 29 April 2016