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Victoria’s regional jobs growth triples the Nation’s


Australian Bureau of Statstics graph of regional jobs growthThe strength of Victoria’s jobs growth continues right across the state, with more than 15,000 regional Victorians finding a new job in the three months to April 2017, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Further cementing Victoria as the job-creating state, the data showed that in the year to April 2017, there were almost 24,800 new jobs in regional Victoria, whereas in the rest of Australia, regional employment increased by only 7,200.

Latrobe-Gippsland put on 5,900 new jobs in the three months to April 2017, while in the year to April 2017, there were 17,000 new jobs created in the region.

In the same period, good employment increases have also been recorded in the Ballarat, Geelong, Hume, North West, Warrnambool and the South-West regions.

Since late 2014, employment in regional Victoria has increased by more than 50,000 persons, with almost 30,000 of those jobs full-time. This is in contrast to the previous four years when 5,600 jobs were created in regional Victoria.

In the year to April, Victoria has piled on 115,600 jobs – more than all other states combined – as it reaps the rewards of a healthy and industrious economy spurred on by solid government investment in infrastructure, right across Victoria.

Victoria’s regional unemployment rate is 5.7 per cent and remains well below the nation’s regional unemployment rate of 6 per cent.

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