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Hazelwood Supply Chain Transition Program

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The Hazelwood Supply Chain Transition Program (HSCTP) is a fund of up to $5 million that will provide intensive tailored support to businesses in the Hazelwood supply chain to guide them through the transition period as Hazelwood power station and mine closes.

The HSCTP is focused on retaining industry capability and jobs in the Latrobe Valley that might otherwise be lost due to the Hazelwood closure.

The HSCTP is part of the Victorian Government’s $40 million Latrobe Valley Economic Development Program (LVEDP) which targets the needs of the region and intensifies government’s efforts to support its economic diversification, growth and resilience.

The HSCTP will provide Latrobe Valley based Hazelwood supply chain companies with the support they need to plan for their future, including access to new sectors and markets.

This will be achieved by:

  • Providing intensive support to equip supply chain companies with options and strategies for transition
  • Offering assistance to implement key recommendations identified in the plan.

Hazelwood Supply Chain Transition Program (HSCTP) application guidelines

Seeking Suppliers to deliver services for the Hazelwood Supply Chain Transition Program (HSCTP)

Apply to develop and implement a transition plan for your Hazelwood supply chain company

The Business in Transition Support (BiTS) program is also available to help businesses to support their workers following retrenchment.

Small Businesses Victoria will be offering a range of services to help affected businesses move forward, including business mentoring.

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Last Updated: 26 May 2017