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March 2013 Update

Regional Development Australia Barwon South West (RDA BSW) is working with regional stakeholders on six strategic themes that will boost economic development and help create a more sustainable future. The RDA BSW Committee will advance this agenda by continuing to advocate for sub-regional priorities, but will also focus on six key areas in which we can add the most value on a whole of region basis. These key focus areas are:

  1. Food and fibre
  2. Digital economy
  3. Skills and education
  4. Energy
  5. Tourism
  6. Population Growth

Delivering projects that add value to the region and provide a strong evidence base for the RDA themes is a critical element of our role.

The BSW RDA Committee have nominated a Committee champion to support intervention and activity relative to each of the themes. The role of these nominated Committee champions is to take a lead role in each of the areas supported by RDA/RDV staff and initially this role be structured around Chairing a regionally based reference group of key stakeholders focussed on implementing the agreed intervention strategy. Associated duties including representing the RDA at key briefings be subject to availability of the particular nominee.


The Committee has made significant progress and completed some outstanding research documents. Some examples are:

  • The Great Ocean Road Destination Management Plan
  • The Barwon South West Education Attainment Strategy


Areas of current focus for the RDA projects within the G21 region include:

  • Development of G21 Regional Public Transport Strategy
  • Barwon South West Region Integrated Transport Review
  • Central Geelong Transportation Links
  • Australian Surf Capital Enterprise &Cultural Precinct Redevelopment Project


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Last Updated: 15 April 2016