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Meeting with Limestone Coast RDA

Pictured from Left to Right - Ann Hodgkinson, Peter Dorling, Geoffrey White, Bruce Anson, Mike Ryan (Limestone Coast) Kaye Scholfield, Elaine Carbines, Andrew Westlake

As the Barwon South West RDA settles into its delivery role, the focus on looking inward is reversed to look to our RDA neighbours to ensure we have a collaborative approach that will add value to our regional cohesiveness and strategic intent. In October this year the BSW RDA met with the Western Melbourne RDA to canvass a range of cross border opportunities and challenges.

BSW RDA is mindful that regional development is approached in a way that best promotes coordination and integration as well as achieving the respective RDA outcomes.

At the BSW RDA November meeting in Portland the RDA Committee took the opportunity to invite the Limestone Coast RDA to a meeting to discuss our two regions priority themes where our regions have a common interest, for instance, our adjoining regions share, the general climate, rainfall and greater water security which positions our regions for growth and strengthen its “food bowl” reputation, which is critical to establishing an international reputation as a guaranteed supplier.

Tourism is also a significant industry to our regions because of the coastal location, forests and national parks. Water is less a constraint on agricultural output than in other regions of the State; energy production through geothermal and wind farms is contributing to a diversification of the economy and new employment opportunities.

The meeting discussions were positive and provided potential opportunities for partnership funding and the potential to link our regional thinking around, forestry issues, dairy industry, the Green Triangle Freight Action Plan and alternative energy.

BSW RDA is committed to working in close partnership with its RDA neighbours and partners to achieve the outcomes for regional Victoria that are grounded in a local understanding of priorities, challenges and opportunities.




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Last Updated: 15 April 2016