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Spring 2014 - Recently completed regional projects

Growing Business Opportunities in China

  • The project identified what the current regional trade activity with China is and what sectors are more active than others. The project also identified existing civic relationships and investment relationships. ACBC engaged a consultant to deliver a report identifying existing regional relationships with China, including future trading and investment opportunities and recommended next steps to grow the regional business opportunity. – Download the ACBC Report (PDF 2.3 MB)

G21 Digital Strategy

  • Project provided status of digital uptake and adoption within the G21 region. The G21 Digital Economy Strategy was distributed to all councils in the Barwon South West. The project provided information on the current status of digital uptake and adoption within the G21 region. It also provided case studies of ‘best practice’ in digital adoption by businesses and regions, to show what can be achieved by successful implementation of digital initiatives. This was also assessed in the context of future implementation of high-speed broadband (via the NBN) in the region.  – Download the final report (PDF 730.8 KB)

Great South Coast Pillar Group Establishment

  • The GSC group engaged a suitably qualified and skilled consultant to support the pillars during the establishment phase and skills to conduct vital research as they developed sound, evidence-based business cases for their first projects.  The funding played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Great South Coast Group’s four Pillars.

Great South Coast Family Violence Strategy

Development of G21 Regional Public Transport Strategy

  • This project was for the development of an integrated public transport action plan that reflects the priority needs and strategic actions for each LGA as well as the regional public transport needs and strategic actions to effectively plan for and respond to public transport opportunities and challenges 2014-2017. Download the G21 Regional Public Transport Strategy (PDF 5.9 MB)

Budj Bim Masterplan

Disruptive Technology Advances In Wearable Sensors - Investigative Study

Regional Livestock Freight Study and Live Export Strategy - Avalon Airport

  • This project will support Avalon Airport to undertake a freight opportunities study to develop a strategy for the airport to maximise its potential to become an approved premises in the exporting of livestock. A suitably qualified consultant was engaged to undertake the project in consultation with the applicant and other stakeholders. Download the Draft Regional Livestock Strategy (PDF 1.5 MB)


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