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RDA Barwon South West Activities, achievements and future focus

The RDA Barwon South West Committee has just released the ‘RDA Barwon South West Activities, achievements and future focus’ brochure. This document looks back on the recent achievements of the RDA Barwon South West Committee, highlighting some of the stand-out projects that have helped make a difference to the people of the Barwon South West and positioned the region for future opportunities. These projects demonstrate the Committee has worked hard with a range of stakeholders to secure funding not just from the RDA, but also leveraged contributions from other sources to help make these projects a reality. This year the RDA Barwon South West Committee will have a stronger focus on promoting regional economic development and facilitating the development of projects that foster economic growth in the region. The Committee will also continue to develop and nurture alliances and partnerships with a broad range of stakeholders to build momentum around key regional infrastructure priorities for public and private investment.

"Barwon South West RDA Outcomes" (PDF 2.2 MB)

RDA Barwon South West Regional Road Map - October 2017 (PDF 1.4 MB)


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Last Updated: 08 November 2017