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RDA Grampians Strategic Directions

To increase regional investment, jobs and liveability the RDA will focus on five key regional priorities. These priorities are based on the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Regional Australia Standing Council’s key determinants of long term regional growth. They have been refined to provide additional focus within the Grampians context.

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  1. Improve Cooperation: Build effective cross sectoral and inter-governmental partnerships and integrated regional planning
  2. Increase Human Capital: Increase the stock of knowledge, expertise4 and abilities of the region particularly through education and skills
  3. Improve Transport Connectivity: increase access to international, national and regional markets
  4. Plan for Population Change: Build economically, environmentally and socially sustainable communities
  5. Improve Regional Attractiveness: Support comparative advantage and business competitiveness.

Building the infrastructure to support development of our regional economy is the single most important activity needed to provide a sustainable future. The region is experiencing population change to varying degrees. New infrastructure is needed to meet these challenges.

How will RDA Grampians do this?

  • Partner with stakeholders to advance regional priorities
  • Provide access to thought leaders
  • Support the identification of regional priorities

By improving the levels of cooperation when determining priorities and advocating for regional infrastructure funding RDA Grampians will increase the infrastructure spend in the region.

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Last Updated: 15 April 2016