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Key Focus Area: Education projects in the Hume Region

Over the past decade, the Hume region has consistently underperformed in the area of education compared to metropolitan Melbourne. In most years, Hume has been the lowest performing Victorian region in relation to Year 7-12 school retention rates.

Recent figures obtained from OnTrack statistics for 2010 Year 12 graduates in the Hume Region indicate that 67% of graduates applied for a tertiary place (including university and TAFE/VET). 94% of these graduates were successful in obtaining a place while about 20% of those successful chose to defer. This rate is double that of the 10% state average for deferrals.

In response to this low aspiration the Hume RDA funded the completion of a study into the Aspirations and Destinations of Young People (PDF 2.2 MB) in 2012.

The study identified what social, environmental, socio-economic and community factors have a positive or negative impact upon the aspirations, education and destination of students within Central Hume Sub-Region, in a number of locations including Wangaratta, Benalla, Myrtleford and Mansfield.

The study highlighted that converting aspiration to active participation was hampered by a number of barriers including:

  • Economic
  • Geographic
  • Informational
  • Class.

Building on previous studies, the Hume RDA Committee in 2015 sponsored a project to examine the information barriers faced by parents seeking to support students to enter university following Year 12.

An overview of the project is provide in the video clip below that you are welcome to utilise to promote the study at forums with key stakeholders, including school principals, teachers and careers advisors.

The findings and recommendations are detailed in the project report: Higher Education Information Navigation: An Exploration of Parent Information Needs in the Hume Region (PDF 636.7 KB).

Key recommendations identified by the study relate to:

  • Strengthening the role of careers advisors in schools within the Hume Region
  • Improving the provision of information to families about university study
  • Raising educational aspirations
  • Increasing understanding of higher education pathways by families
  • Providing improved information about the cost of university study for families.

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Last Updated: 04 June 2018