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Hume Region Digital Economy Strategy Development

Hume RDA has committed to the development of a digital economy strategy for the whole of the Hume Region. The Strategy covers connectivity and technologies across mobile, fixed and digital. The completed strategy will assist to identify the level of readiness and barriers to readiness, as well as the creation of strategies and actions to support the region in responding to opportunities. The development of the strategy to incorporate:

  • Mapping existing infrastructure that supports connectivity throughout the region
  • Articulating current and future requirements/ impacts of mobile service, satellite service, fixed wireless and broadband in the region
  • Reviewing national and international case studies to identify best practice around service delivery relevant to regional and rural environments
  • Developing a snapshot of how well government, business and organisations are embracing the digital economy within the Hume Region
  • Identifying case studies that highlight what the critical success factors have been in bringing about widespread adoption of new opportunities created by digital progress
  • Identifying relevant digital economy initiatives especially in relation to digital and NBN readiness being undertaken at a sub regional, regional or state wide level
  • Highlighting opportunities that will build capacity and capability
  • Articulating priorities within the region

The development of the strategy involved extensive stakeholder engagement with a range of key groups and sectors.

The development of the Digital Hume: A Digital Strategy for a Smart Region is complete. The vision for Digital Hume will be a smart region connected, digitally empowered and innovative.

To meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities of the emerging digital economy the strategy highlights a number of strategic directions. The Hume RDA in partnership with local government will progress over the short to long term including:

  • Maximising the impact of the NBN
  • Striving to get all online by 2017
  • Working towards transforming of public services
  • Encouraging digital enabled businesses
  • Marketing Digital Hume.
Download the detailed report on the Digital Hume Strategy
Digital Hume Strategy - Detailed Report (PDF 3.8 MB)
Download the Digital Hume Strategy executive summary
Digital Hume Strategy - Executive Summary (PDF 3.7 MB)

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Last Updated: 04 June 2018