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What is DigitalAgriculture?

25 June 2013

The Hume RDA Committee, in conjunction with Loddon Mallee and Grampians RDA Committees, has funded the development of a blog, DigitalAgriculture.

This is one of a range of initiatives being undertaken to increase awareness and readiness for the emerging digital economy and rollout of NBN for the agricultural sector within communities to be most impacted by the implementation of the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

DigitalAgriculture is an interactive website which provides a digital space to upload news, information and promotion of activities/events. 

Over the coming months the blog will be used to share a series of online seminars, workshops and webinars. You can visit the blog at

Hot topic on the blog currently is the: Trace Your Livestock With The NLIS (the National Livestock Identification System).

The Australian red meat industry has implemented a national system for identification and tracing of livestock to ensure the quality and safety of beef, lamb, sheep and goat meat. For more information on the NLIS, view the blog at:

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