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Key Focus Area: Tourism projects in the Hume Region

Tourism is an economic and employment growth sector for the Hume region, with over 2.5 million visitors to the region annually. Tourism is driven by the region’s proximity to Melbourne, its natural attractions and a diversity of events and festivals on offer throughout the year.

In addition to winter visitation focussed on the snowfields, there is significant summer tourism based along the Murray River corridor and in the valleys and historic townships of the Upper Hume and Central Hume sub regions. High quality food and wine products are substantial contributors to the region’s economy. A number of towns have large water based activity areas with a constant water supply available.

Currently there is little linkage between tourism areas as there are multiple tourism bodies located in the Hume Region, including two new Regional Tourism Boards. Hume RDA’s goal is to support strategic planning for product development and marketing opportunities that can be coordinated across the whole region, in accordance with the Hume Strategy.

Hume RDA is currently supporting the delivery of a number of tourism projects:


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Last Updated: 04 June 2018