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Victorian Cross Border Commissioner Business Case - Consultation

Your chance to influence the development of a Business Case for creation of a Cross Border Commissioner

The Victorian Government has commissioned the development of a business case for the establishment of a Cross Border Commissioner’s Office for Victoria. A Victorian Cross Border Commissioner would help border communities better share information and services, and drive economic growth.

A Victorian Cross Border Commissioner’s Office was originally proposed by the Mallee Regional Partnership as a way to further the interests of businesses, organisations and individuals who live, work and operate in all of Victoria’s border communities.

You are invited to provide submissions that help us develop a business case by sharing your thoughts.

Submissions could include your thoughts on:

  • An indication of whether you do or don’t support the creation of an Office of Cross Border Commissioner
  • Examples of issues that require the intervention of a Cross Border Commissioner, and
  • Design considerations in establishing the Office of a Cross Border Commissioner

Organisations and individuals providing submissions will be kept informed of progress in developing the Business Case and any related activity.

What would a Victorian Cross Border Commissioner do?

If given the green light, the new office would help all areas of Victoria that border New South Wales and South Australia.

The Commissioner will be charged with promoting the interests of Victorian border communities, resolving issues and developing common approaches with neighbouring states.

The office would focus on better coordinating service delivery, infrastructure and planning processes to make sure Victorian border communities are getting the investment, support and services they need.

New South Wales has had a Cross Border Commissioner since 2012 and Victoria will consult with the New South Wales Commissioner as part of the business case and feasibility assessment.



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Last Updated: 06 December 2017