Thinking Regional and Rural is designed to assist you to identify, monitor and assess the potential impacts of policy and legislative proposals upon regional and rural Victoria. It comprises five high-level considerations: Economy, Accessibility, Social and Community, Environment and Equity.

Information to assist you assess your proposal against each consideration is available by following the tabs above.

What does this mean?

Under this consideration, accessibility is the ease of approach between locations, as measured by the distance travelled, cost of travel, and time taken.

Why is this important?

The impacts of legislation, regulation or policy can vary significantly depending on the geography of regional and rural areas, and on the ability of people in such areas to access infrastructure or services. It is important to consider practical issues such as the distance or isolation from major regional centres, or the ability to access necessary infrastructure. 

Questions to consider

  • Have you considered distances and population density in the provision of services?
  • Will remote communities be disadvantaged by a 'one size fits all' approach? 
  • Are there opportunities for policy, legislation or the provision of services to benefit geographically-isolated communities?