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Regional information

Regional Policy Advisory Committee

The Regional Policy Advisory Committee was established to provide independent advice to the Government on policy issues affecting regional and rural Victoria, including the impacts of legislation and regulation.

The committee can assist those responsible for the development of new legislation and policy to consider the regional and rural impacts of these.  It can provide guidance on the considerations to be considered in assessing regional and rural impacts, act as a sounding board for testing new proposals and ideas, as well as use its own extensive regional networks to obtain regional stakeholder feedback.

For inquiries on obtaining RPAC’s assistance in assessing regional and rural impacts, please contact:

The Secretary
Regional Policy Advisory Committee
C/- Regional Development Victoria
Level 31, 121 Exhibition Street

Regional Development Victoria

Regional Development Victoria (RDV) is the Government's lead agency in developing regional and rural Victoria.  The RDV website contains a variety of sources of information on regional and rural Victoria as well as links to other useful regional and rural organisations, including: Regional Strategic Plans and Regional Development Australia Committees for Victoria’s five non-metropolitan regions.

In assessing the regional and rural impacts of new government decisions, policy makers may need to source more specific data to support their analysis. RDV manages a number of sources of useful data and information that may inform policy development, program delivery and project assessments.

Regional Australia Institute

The Regional Australia Institute (RAI) is an independent research institute dedicated to examining regional issues and policy priorities. Through its stocktake of regional research, RAI has developed a knowledge base of sources of regional analysis. This knowledge base provides easy access to sources of regional research and analysis completed since 2000, as well as current regional data sets and new research underway.