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Victorian Timber Innovation Grant Program – Q&A

What are these grants?

The Victorian Timber Innovation Fund – Timber innovation Grants Program is designed to provide grants for innovation that supports forestry businesses to transition from native timber to plantation fibre or investigate manufacturing opportunities.

Funding assistance from the Timber Innovation Grants Program will provide grants of up to $100,000.

Larger grants may be considered for projects that are likely to lead to early or significant investment in plantation timber processing and manufacturing or other transformative industries and where there is a significant co-contribution by the applicant.

What sort of things will be funded?

This program will support:

  • feasibility studies
  • the engagement of consultants or research expertise
  • new product development design activities (engineering or design expertise to develop prototypes)
  • investigation into alternative timber supply
  • process innovation
  • enhancements to the productivity of manufacturing processes
  • exploration of opportunities to undertake industry partnership activities.

Who can apply?

Eligible businesses must either:

  • hold a current VicForests Timber Supply Agreement issued; or
  • hold a Forest Produce License issued by VicForests; or
  • are a timber harvest and / or haulage business with a current VicForests agreement.

The Guidelines can be downloaded here:

Timber Innovation Grants Program, Round one Application Guidelines (PDF 80.64 KB)PDF icon
Timber Innovation Grants Program, Round one Application Guidelines (DOCX 36.78 KB)DOCX icon

When will the grants open?

Applications for the Timber Innovation Grants Program will open in October 2020 and will close on 31 March 2022, unless funds are fully expended prior to this date.

Applications may be submitted at any time between the opening and closing dates.

Applications submitted outside of these dates will not be considered.

Am I required to complete the Victorian Forestry Business Transition Support Voucher Program (FBTV) to access the Timber Innovation Grants Program?


You can access the Timber Innovation Grants Program without using a Forestry Business Transition Voucher, however, the voucher may help planning for your business transition and future.

Although the Forestry Business Transition Voucher is not a mandatory requirement to access these grants, we encourage affected businesses to participate in the program.

All the plantation fibre timber supply is already allocated, and I have no alternative opportunities within the industry. What can I do to transition my business?

Until all avenues of opportunity within the industry are fully investigated it is premature to assume there are no business transition activities that might be available from 2024 or 2030. To support your business transition, we encourage you to undertake a Victorian Forestry Business Transition Support Voucher program to identify business transition opportunities. The Timber Innovation Grants Program has been established offering financial support for innovative ideas assisting business transition.

Has the Victorian Forestry Plan rollout changed following the bushfires and coronavirus?

The Victorian Forestry Plan remains set, it will guide both the development of the plantation sector and the transition from native timber over the next decade.

With the supply of timber impacted by bushfires and then legal action against VicForests, is it fair to be rolling out this grant now?

One of the drivers behind the Victorian Forestry Plan was the issues the industry has with supply, whether it’s related to bushfires or the decrease in the area available for timber harvesting. It’s important that affected businesses take the opportunity now to start planning for their future.

More information about the Victorian Forestry Plan

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