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Growing jobs for energy retailer in Geelong


The Victorian Government is backing renewable energy provider Pacific Hydro to create 64 full-time jobs for locals in Geelong by establishing their retail electricity arm Tango Energy.

Tango Energy’s Geelong headquarters were established when the company moved their retail head office operations to Geelong thanks to support from the Government’s Regional Jobs Fund.

Pacific Hydro is a renewable power generation company that undertakes large-scale wind, solar and hydro projects around the world.

With the support of the Regional Jobs Fund, the company branched out into the energy retail space with Tango Energy. The Fund supported establishing the Geelong based headquarters and the installation of an IT platform for customer billing and information.

The expansion into the energy retail space has seen them grow from servicing 11,000 customers in 2016 to around 90,000 residential customers in Victoria and NSW.

The new Tango Energy workplace is in the former Federal Woollen Mills at North Geelong, which was originally built in 1915 and is one of the city’s most historic buildings. The space has been transformed into a Tech Hub, whilst maintaining its heritage charm with exposed steel beams and red bricks.

The project is supporting 64 full-time jobs across customer service, IT, finance, and human resources, resulting in several millions of dollars in additional wages and salaries in the Geelong economy each year.

Another three workers have also relocated from Melbourne and after setting up its operations in Geelong the company is continuing to expand and increase its market share.

The Regional Jobs Fund is part of the Government’s flagship Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund which helps businesses create jobs in regional Victoria, supports community projects and backs councils to build the infrastructure that locals and visitors need.

The Victorian Government has invested more than $700 million in its Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund since 2015 – supporting around 13,000 jobs and delivering 1,000 projects. For more informtion, visit Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund.

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