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Inspired Design unveiled for Shepparton Arts Museum


Shepparton Arts Museum logo by Victoria Park Lake in Shepparton

Renowned architects, Denton Corker Marshall, recently revealed their innovative design for the $34.5 million Shepparton Arts Museum (SAM) that will reinvent the regional showpiece and help define Shepparton as a cultural destination.

Denton Corker Marshall’s design is sympathetic to the natural environment and intended to foster engagement, ownership and pride for visitors and local audiences alike.

It represents a key component in the redevelopment project that involves relocating SAM to the more prominent and accessible location of Victoria Lake Park. The move will help to attract more visitors and increase the museum’s ability to secure renowned exhibitions.

The new museum will increase SAM’s capacity to present its unique ceramics, indigenous and multicultural collections to Victorian, interstate and international visitors.

Supported by $10 million from the Victorian Government’s $500 million Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, the project will create 72 construction-phase jobs and generate 23 jobs by its tenth year of operation.

Shepparton Council’s expects the new SAM to encourage more than 63,000 additional visitors to the museum in five years and boost the region’s visitor economy by $6.25 million per year. It is also likely to induce more private sector investment in tourism infrastructure and services to cater for the jump in visitor numbers.

The Shepparton Arts Museum project reflects the importance of regional arts destinations and the role they play to strengthen culture, community and business in regional Victoria.

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