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Second stage upgrade for Euroa Saleyards


The second stage of Euroa’s Saleyard upgrade is set to begin thanks to the Victorian Government’s $500,000 investment to secure the future of the facility and safeguard employment.

The Minister for Regional Development today toured the saleyards before officially launching stage two of the project, which builds on previous works completed last year.

The Euroa Saleyards are a major cattle-selling centre for the region with each of the 14 annual sale days currently generating up to $2 million. The redevelopment will revitalise ageing infrastructure and ensure the facility’s sustainability by:

  • relocating overhead power lines away from existing unroofed pens
  • constructing a new laneway to improve cattle circulation between roofed pens, holding yards, loading bays and scales
  • finalising roof extensions to cover 32 pens and the scales area
  • improving water conservation measures including full stormwater capture for reuse within the facility
  • upgrading the office and meeting room
  • improving the kiosk and office
  • reducing operational costs by $5000 every year

The upgrade will also ensure the saleyard meets European Union accreditation standards, a move which is expected to increase livestock sale numbers each year – potentially attracting more buyers, increasing business for livestock carriers and boosting the local economy.

The Government is supporting the Strathbogie Shire to deliver the project, alongside the Saleyards Committee and other user groups. Local firm, Don Newnham Engineering has been awarded the tender.

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