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RDA Loddon Mallee Committee provides support to region during coronavirus

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Loddon Mallee’s newly-appointed committee of business and community leaders will provide much needed support to enable the region to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

The newly-appointed members will join Chair Linda Beilharz OAM to deliver RDA Loddon Mallee’s ongoing engagement with local communities and businesses, including to help them manage issues related to the pandemic as they arise and move towards recovery.

RDA Loddon Mallee’s support targets economic growth and employment in the region, helping communities and businesses to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Key activities being undertaken by RDA Loddon Mallee include:

  • The recent participation in a series of regional roundtables, hosted by Victoria’s Regional Partnerships to facilitate swift action which will stabilise the region’s economy and community now and in the future.
  • Utilising the outcomes of the workshops to inform a recovery response plan for the Loddon Campaspe and Mallee regions.

Regional Development Australia Committees (RDAs) have played and continue to play an important role to deliver important work in consulting with communities, promoting and participating in regional initiatives, and providing information and advice on their region to all levels of government.

RDAs have regular communication with all levels of government to offer first-hand insights into how local communities are coping, and the impact and effectiveness of government response measures.

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Quotes attributable to RDA Loddon Mallee Chair Linda Beilharz OAM

“The RDA Loddon Mallee Committee has received considerable investment from  the Australian and Victorian governments to continue to support our region, focusing particularly on digital connectivity  for business, health, education and so we can keep in touch with our communities.”

“The RDA and our state-focused Regional Partnerships as well as all 10 councils are hugely effective in strengthening our regional voice at this challenging time. We’re planning for training and skills development to prepare workers for the jobs we will have in the future, as well as placing considerable effort into attracting tourists back to our region.”

“Our committee members are experienced leaders with backgrounds in a variety of important sectors - manufacturing, agriculture, food production, community services, local government and regional development, ensuring the full extent of our large region will be reflected in our discussions and decision  making.”

Quotes attributable to Australian Government Assistant Minister for Regional Development and Territories Nola Marino

“The Australian Government commends the outstanding work of RDA Loddon Mallee in supporting the response to the coronavirus pandemic .”

“Since late March I have been holding regular teleconferences with RDA representatives three times a week, and I want to thank the RDA Loddon Mallee committee members and staff for their work in driving positive change in your local communities.”

Quotes attributable to Victorian Government Minister for Regional Development Jaclyn Symes

“Locals are the best people to tell us what their needs are and the opportunities that’re available as they move towards recovery.”

“These RDAs provide a direct voice to state and federal governments so that we can support country communities in the best ways possible.”

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