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Reflections from the Acting Chair, David Pope – May 2019


This message forms part of a Great South Coast Regional Partnership newsletter published in May 2019. See the whole newsletter.

Introducing our Outcomes Roadmap

Since our inception in 2016, the Great South Coast Regional Partnership has heard from thousands of people in our region. You’ve told us what is needed and what should change; and each year we’ve taken your input and presented priorities to the Victorian Government.

Thanks to your contributions, the Partnership now has a good idea of what this region’s long-term priorities currently are.

Therefore today, I am pleased to publish our Outcomes Roadmap, which is a summary of the key outcomes this Partnership is currently striving to achieve, as well as a description of the actions and key projects the Partnership is focusing on, and what success will look like for the region.

The roadmap is a living document. It will evolve over time. New priorities might present themselves and we will have new initiatives to address current and future issues.

But this document sets out the major outcomes the Partnership is currently focused on.    

An update:

Since our last Assembly in Hamilton in June 2018, the Partnership has been working hard on a number of initiatives, including the Outcomes Roadmap, as well as taking your priorities to Government.

This newsletter provides me an opportunity to update you on several of our major initiatives and where they are at, as well as Partnership news more generally, and to also give you a taster of what’s going on in other Partnership regions.

As you may be aware, we have a new Victorian Minister for Regional Development. We would like to welcome Jaclyn Symes and thank her predecessor, Jaala Pulford, who created and embraced Regional Partnerships. We look forward to working with the new Minister.

Closer to home, our former Chair Emily Lee-Ack resigned from the Partnership earlier this year to take up a role as Chief Executive Officer in the Victorian Government’s Office for Women. Also, our previous deputy Chair Felicity Melican has left the Partnership. I want to thank both of these members for their amazing contributions over the last three years.

As for Partnership projects, you can read about our new initiative for student hubs in the region .

On other news:

  • The Geelong City Deal was recently signed between the Federal and State Governments, meaning Partnership priorities such as implementing the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan get the green light.
  • The Great South Coast Regional Creative Industries Strategy is underway. The Strategy will focus on the point of difference of the arts and culture in the GSC region and will support and promote the sector’s growth.
  • Our Partnership has developed the Great South Coast Regional Digital Plan. The Plan identifies gaps in our region’s current digital infrastructure landscape and makes recommendations on how these gaps can be addressed. This Digital Plan forms the basis of our Regional Partnership’s advocacy to all levels of government, as well as industry and community groups. It will also be a valuable resource to other stakeholders in the region for their own advocacy and action.
  • The GSC regional disability sector workforce needs analysis and action plan has started. It will look at how best to position the GSC region in the future to secure the health services sector workforce required for the growing region and the needs of our population.

Finally, for Great South Coast Regional Partnership updates and events, please follow our Facebook page.

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