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Our Partnership has a range of priorities it is championing. Some of these have led to new initiatives in our region.

Read about some of these projects below.

Beyond the Bell


Beyond the Bell

At each of our three Assemblies, the Great South Coast community has told us the importance of education and training for the future of our region.

This is a message we will continue to take to Government, but we are pleased that a number of Partnership priorities in the education space – for example, the Beyond the Bell initiative and the redevelopment of Warrnambool Special Development School – have received funding.

In June 2017, the Victorian Government announced more than $1 million over three years for the operational costs of the Beyond the Bell program which ultimately aims to keep young people in the Great South Coast region in school and engaged in their education. Securing funding for this initiative was one of the Partnership’s 2016 priorities.

In essence, Beyond the Bell seeks to improve our young peoples’ chances of attaining Year 12 or equivalent, and transitioning successfully into the next phase of their lives. But much of the focus of the work is currently with kinder kids and ensuring they are school ready. Take a look at the initiative here.

The announced funding provides certainty for Beyond the Bell to sustain its work.

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