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Resilience Strategy and Taskforce

The Goulburn Murray Resilience Strategy is a response to the macro drivers of change that are impacting on our region – both positive and challenging The Goulburn Murray Resilience Strategy lays out 8 Resilience Principles that will assist our region to better deal with change, and details a series of proposed interventions that will help address each principle. Importantly, the interventions will combine to produce a strategic, concerted momentum that will help take our region forward.

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Resilience Taskforce

To build resilience, we need to share influence and responsibility across the region. A community-driven Goulburn Murray Resilience Taskforce will act as custodians of the Resilience Strategy and coordinate our efforts to increase resilience.

The Taskforce will be responsible for embedding resilience principles into governance structures and processes, and for catalysing, testing and scaling innovations up and out. It will monitor unintended systemic consequences and risks, and progress of the system towards a desired future.

The Regional Resilience Taskforce will not be a new stand alone structure, it will be established under the three Regional Partnerships who cover the Goulburn Murray region. The Taskforce will provide a cross-cutting structure that complements their work and integrates and addresses the particular issues needed to deliver this regional resilience strategy.

Graphic illlustrating the structure, membership, roles and responsibilities of the Goulburn Murray Resilience Taskforce

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If you wish to apply for a position on the GMID Resilience Community Board please complete the following EOI document and submit via email to

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