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Regional Jobs Fund

The Regional Jobs Fund aims to facilitate job creation and retain existing jobs


Manufacturing carbon rods

The aim of the Regional Jobs Fund is to facilitate job creation and retain existing jobs. It will attract and facilitate investment with a focus on regional competitive advantage or high-growth potential businesses, and it will assist to diversify the regional employment base.

Hans Fiber Laser cutting machine from Applied Machinery at Jmar Engineering
Success Story

New manufacturing technology boost

Jmar Engineering, with support from the Victorian Government, has invested $800,000 to expand and upgrade its existing facility in Shepparton

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Objectives of Program

The Regional Jobs Fund (RJF) will attract and facilitate investment with a focus on regional competitive advantage or high-growth potential businesses, and it will assist to diversify the regional employment base

The fund aims to improve regional capacity, innovation and capitalise on the potential of emerging industry sectors, particularly the Government’s priority areas and new export markets.

Funding Details

The RJF will provide support for strategic projects and infrastructure through the following public grant program streams:

Applicants will be required to demonstrate the project’s ability to address each of the core Regional Jobs Fund (RJF) criteria as outlined in the Regional Jobs Fund application guidelines.

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Regional Jobs Fund (RJF) application guidelines (129.3 KB ) Download
Investment Attraction information sheet (80.3 KB ) Download
Regional Jobs Fund (RJF) application guidelines (953.5 KB ) Download
Investment Attraction information sheet (54.7 KB ) Download
Employment Precincts information sheet (80.7 KB ) Download
Employment Precincts information sheet (60.8 KB ) Download
Innovation and Productivity information sheet (81.0 KB ) Download
Innovation and Productivity information sheet (61.7 KB ) Download
Market Access information sheet (79.9 KB ) Download
Market Access information sheet (54.2 KB ) Download
Regional Skills Fund information sheet (157.6 KB ) Download

Projects funded by this program

This table covers projects funded under the following program streams:

Project Name Region Year Amount Funded
Backwell IXL - Building Systems Infrastructure Barwon 2016 CiC
Flat Glass Geelong - Creating world best practice Architectural Glass Manufacturing facility in Geelong Barwon 2017 CiC
Packhouse optimisation in the apple and pear industry (Apple & Pear Australia Ltd) Gippsland 2016 CiC
Scholarship - Barolli Orchards - Julie Barolli Goulburn 2016 $3,500
G21 Region Opportunities for Work (GROW) Project Barwon 2016 CiC
Ryan & McNulty Saw Mill expansion Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Wangaratta Turf Club Stage 2 Development Upgrade Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Deakin University: ManuFutures Barwon 2016 CiC
Regional Connectivity Program (RCP): Mobile Blackspots Program (Round One) Statewide 2015 CiC
Geelong Manufacturing Council / Deakin University Industry Innovation Program Bridge Funding Barwon 2015 CiC
Stage 2: Federation University Training Clinic & Dental Prosthetic Laboratory (LVUTC & DPL) Gippsland 2016 CiC
Branding and Promotion of Wines of Gippsland Gippsland 2016 CiC
Industrial Precinct Development (Avalon Airport Industrial Precinct) Barwon 2016 CiC
West Sale Airfield Infrastructure Upgrades - AIR5428 Gippsland 2016 CiC
Gippsland Logistics Precinct Stage 1 Gippsland 2016 CiC
Gippsland Logistics Precinct Site Activation Gippsland 2016 CiC
Regional Connectivity Program (RCP): Regional Rail Connectivity Project Component Statewide 2017 CiC
Regional Connectivity Program (RCP): Mobile Blackspots Program (Round Two) Statewide 2017 CiC
2016 AAVWS Talk and Taste - 'Outside In' (Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show Inc) Mallee 2016 CiC
Maximise the Potential - wine tourism in the Geelong region Barwon 2016 CiC
Lethbridge Wines: Sustainability through Mulch and Compost project Central Highlands 2016 CiC
Ministry of Chocolate Goulburn 2016 CiC
Tahbilk Winery: Nagambie Lakes Opera Festival Goulburn 2016 CiC
Digital/Social Media Promotional Campaign (Heathcote Cellar Doors Alliance Inc) Loddon Campaspe 2016 CiC
Domaine Asmara Pty Ltd: Foster Export Market China Loddon Campaspe 2016 CiC
Heathcote Wine Region multi-platform website and promotion Loddon Campaspe 2016 CiC
Vinea Marson Cellar Door Loddon Campaspe 2016 CiC
Bendigo Wine Brand Awareness Project Loddon Campaspe 2016 CiC
Rosdale Wines: New Purpose Built Cellar Door Loddon Campaspe 2016 CiC
Serengale Vineyard: Cellar Door Development Project Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Cellar Door Development Project Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Gapsted Wines: Development of wine and destination website and App Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Campbell Wines: Export Market Development Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
King Valley Prosecco Road at Wine Island launches Sydney market development Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Jones Winery: Market Diversification - Export Sales Project Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Indigo Wine co: Pop Up Wine Events Vehicle Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Beechworth Vignerons: Region to Market - Trade & Media Tastings Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Rutherglen Estates Cellar Door Upgrade and Art Gallery Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Pfieffer Wines: UK Consultant Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Ultimate Victorian Wine Trail Launch (Ultimate Winery Experiences Aus) Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Tourism North East: Wine Tourism and Cellar Door Visitation Research Project Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Grampians and Pyrenees Regional Wine Tourism Masterplan Central Highlands 2016 CiC
Great Southern Road Trip Food & Wine Itinerary Central Highlands 2016 CiC
Mount Langi Ghiran Picnic Idyll Central Highlands 2016 CiC
Pyrenees Unearthed - Avoca Wine Festival Stage 2 Central Highlands 2016 CiC
Grampians Winemakers: Strategic Marketing and Brand Plan Central Highlands 2016 CiC
A.T. Richardson Wines cellar door/visitor facility and demonstration barrel cellar Central Highlands 2016 CiC
Guildford Vineyard: Improvements to grape production promoting innovative biological methods Central Highlands 2016 CiC
Mt Towrong Vineyard: Establish a Cellar Door and Cafe Loddon Campaspe 2016 CiC
Lyons Will Estate: Development of a Cellar Door Loddon Campaspe 2016 CiC
The Kyneton Ridge Estate Regeneration Initiative Loddon Campaspe 2016 CiC
Elevation of Alpine Valley's Wine Region Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Passing Clouds Pty Ltd: A Wine & Train Tourism Venture Central Highlands 2017 CiC
Grape Farm Winery Hospitality Expansion Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Blue Pyrenees Estate Wine Education Centre Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Summerfield Winery: Expansion of Cellar Door and creation of cafe Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Quartz Hill Wines: Straw bale cellar door Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Pizzini Wines: Kiln Transformation – Enhancing the Cellar Door Experience Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Darling Estate Wines: E-commerce Website Development Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Dal Zotto Wines: Vineyard Floor Management Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Sam Miranda King Valley: Cooking School and Function Area Redevelopment Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Lake Moodemere Vineyards: Cellar Door Expansion - Estate Experience Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Cofield Wines: Say It With Vino' and Website Upgrade Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Buller Wines: China Export Development Program Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Valhalla Wines Cellar Door Reinvigoration Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Rutherglen Estates: Upgrade of Irrigation and Associated Systems Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Chalmers Wines: Future Grapes Research Project Mallee 2018 CiC
Tambo Wine: Function Centre Establishment Gippsland 2018 CiC
Wine In A Glass Pty Ltd - Much More Than A Winery Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Glenmaggie Wines Cellar Door Facility Gippsland 2018 CiC
Bass River Winery: Online Engagement Strategy between organic tourism and viticulture Gippsland 2018 CiC
Baie Wines: Digital Innovation Barwon 2018 CiC
Pondalowie Vineyards: Redevelopment of Online Marketing Strategy Barwon 2018 CiC
Austins Wines: Moorabool Valley Wine Club Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Hunter-Gatherer Vintners: Function Area Upgrade 2017 Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Glamping Experience at Balgownie Bendigo Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Wilimee: Sustainable Vineyard Practices Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Routleys (Vic) - Routleys Expansion Project Barwon 2017 CiC
Geelong Confectionery - Expansion Project Barwon 2017 CiC
Australian Lamb - Colac Capacity Expansion Project – Stage Two B Barwon 2017 CiC
Chemring Australia - Lara Facility Expansion - Countermeasures for USA Market Barwon 2018 CiC
Scholarship - Dashmir Sherif Goulburn 2016 $4,000
Scholarship - Peter Moller (Rubicon Systems Australia Pty Ltd) Goulburn 2017 $25,000
Scholarship - Jane Casey (Mountain Yuzu) Ovens Murray 2017 $5,759
Central Highlands Straw Pellet Plant Feasibility Study Central Highlands 2017 CiC
King Valley Prosecco Road Plan (Wines of the King Valley Inc) Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Campbells Wines Interactive Visitor Journey to Discover Muscat of Rutherglen Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Destination Gippsland - Gippsland Winery Marketing Asset Development Plan Gippsland 2018 CiC
Implementing a regional brand, sales, communication strategy for Wine Gippsland Gippsland 2018 CiC
Kilter Pty Ltd: Organic Processed Tomatoes Mallee 2018 CiC
Holy Goat Cheese: Cheese Works Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Harcourt Consortium Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens: Harcourt organic farming alliance Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Murray Agri and Culinary Tourism Experience Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens: creating the land of milk and honey in rural Australia Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Brand Macedon Ranges Wine - Naturally Cool Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Australian Processing Tomato Research Council Inc. Loddon Campaspe 2017 CiC
Agribusiness Yarra Valley 2017 CiC
Cobram & District Fruit Growers Association Goulburn 2017 CiC
InSense Pty Ltd Goulburn 2017 CiC
Automotive Autogas Demand Study (Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce) Statewide 2015 CiC
Fonterra Australia Pty Ltd, Stanhope: rebuild, modernise and expand project Loddon Campaspe 2015 CiC
Agromillora Australia: New Commercial Nursery Development Mallee 2015 CiC
Capilano Honey Limited: Expansion of Maryborough operations Loddon Campaspe 2016 CiC
Timboon Fine Ice Cream - Factory & Ice Creamery Great South Coast 2016 CiC
PineGro Products Pty Ltd - Mt Wallace Composting Facility Central Highlands 2016 CiC
Ballarat Turf Club - New Horse Trainer Precinct Project Central Highlands 2016 CiC
Expansion of Swan Hill Abattoir Mallee 2016 CiC
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance: Regional Operations Centre Gippsland 2016 CiC
JMAR Engineering, Laser cutting line Project Goulburn 2016 CiC
Myrtleford Butter: King Valley Dairy expansion Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Tribal Group: establishment of Corporate Regional Headquarters and New Platform Development Centre in North Geelong Barwon 2016 CiC
Nectar Farms Stage 1: hydroponic vegetable production facility at Stawell Wimmera Southern Mallee 2017 CiC
Keppel Prince Engineering: Wind Tower Production Expansion Great South Coast 2017 CiC
JV Orchards coldstorage expansion Goulburn 2017 CiC
Booth Transport: Strathmerton Milk Logistics Hub Goulburn 2017 CiC
Wine by Sam Pty Ltd: Winery redevelopment and relocation Goulburn 2017 CiC
Kinross Farm Euroa Expansion Goulburn 2017 CiC
Pentarch Agricultural Pty Ltd: Ultima Fodder Processing Facility Mallee 2017 CiC
Merriwa Industries Ltd: new food packing line Ovens Murray 2017 CiC
Burra Foods - Canning Facility Expansion Gippsland 2017 CiC
Leadoux Turkeys business expansion project Gippsland 2018 CiC
Jobs 4 Portland - Workforce Attraction, Retention & Ambassador Pilot Program Great South Coast 2017 CiC
Avalon Airport International Passenger Carrier Barwon 2018 CiC
Laminex Group new equipment for laminate technology Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Pacific Hydro: retail head office establishment and new IT platform Barwon 2018 CiC
Harrybilt Engineering Market Growth Strategy Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Whelans Group: Bruthen Quarry Expansion Gippsland 2018 CiC
Southern Spreaders Hansa business expansion Central Highlands 2018 CiC
GoldAcres Trading Capacity Improvements Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Meatco Aus: refurbishment and recommissioning of Mildura abattoir Mallee 2018 CiC
Kooka's Country Cookies relocation and production expansion project Mallee 2018 CiC
Valentines Bakery: Rutherglen Production Facility Expansion Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
P & A Vigliaturo Orchards Pty Ltd: Packing Facility Expansion Goulburn 2018 CiC
XLAM: Establishment of Australian HQ Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Tatura Fresh Expansion of Murphy Fresh to Tatura Goulburn 2018 CiC
Katunga Fresh Propagation Facility Goulburn 2018 CiC
Australian Consolidated Milk: Project Horizon - New Dairy Manufacturing Facility Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Bertlea Enterprises: Establishment of Large Scale Broiler Production Enterprise Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Forest Lodge Racing: Establishment of a Thoroughbred Racehorse, Training and Rehabilitation Centre Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
K R Castlemaine Foods Pty Ltd - Building Capability Project Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Scholarship - SJDC Produce Pty Ltd - Domenic Sergi Mallee 2017 $1,044
Scholarship - DS Primarano - Dominic Primarano Mallee 2017 $1,650
Scholarship - Budou Farms - Junko Matsuzaki Mallee 2017 $6,900
Scholarship - Australian Table Grape Association - Rowena Norris Mallee 2017 $6,400
Domestic and Export Market Development for an Expanded Dried Vine Fruit Sector Mallee 2018 $60,000
Southern Ocean Mariculture: Pilot scale production trial of an extract from abalone processing waste Great South Coast 2018 CiC
Ovens Murray Workforce Development Project Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Scholarship - Tolpuddle Enterprise - Donovan Jacka Ovens Murray 2017 $6,440
Scholarship - Tolpuddle Enterprise - Melissa Land Ovens Murray 2017 $10,400
Mansfield Shire Paddock to Plate Agri Tourism Alliance Ovens Murray 2017 CiC
Tourism North East: Activating Cellar Door Research Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Goulburn River Valley Tourism Ltd: Discover Wines in the Heart of Victoria Goulburn 2018 $3,000
Winemakers of Rutherglen Integrated Marketing Strategy 2018 Ovens Murray 2018 $50,000
Fowles Wine: Upton Run Climate and Vineyard Management project Goulburn 2016 CiC
AVBC Holding Pty Ltd - Amulet: Cellar Door Capacity Improvement Project Ovens Murray 2016 CiC
Indigo Wine Company Cellar Door Expansion Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Eldorado Road Cellar Door Redevelopment - Food and Wine Experience Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Gapsted Wines Export Samples Preparation Facility Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Scion Vineyard Redevelopment of Cellar Door and Winery Experience Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Box Grove Vineyard Website Development Goulburn 2018 CiC
Warrabilla Wines Website Upgrade 17/18 Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Alpine Wine Shop Upgrade and Complete Regional Cellar Door Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Birchip Cropping: AgTIDE Education and Training Mallee 2018 CiC
Australian Organic Milk Value-Adding Facility Barwon 2018 CiC
Sticky Balsamic Manufacturing, Innovation and Export Expansion Barwon 2018 CiC
Mantzaris Fisheries: Value Adding Australian Prawns Barwon 2018 CiC
Agropraisals Pty Ltd (Plums) Goulburn 2018 CiC
Plant Biosecurity Co-operative Research Centre Gippsland 2018 CiC
Victorian Certified Seed Potato Authority 2018 CiC
Monash University 2018 CiC
Australian Table Grape Association (On-line Accreditation Program) 2018 CiC
Australian Wine Research Institute (Climate Adaptation-Revised) Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Barengi Gadjin Land Council Aboriginal Corporation Wimmera Southern Mallee 2018 CiC
  • This may not be a comprehensive listing of all announced funding through the Regional Jobs Fund
  • CiC indicates the project funded amount is Commercial or Cabinet in Confidence
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