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Our Region and Our Partnership

The Barwon Regional Partnership is one of nine Partnerships across the state, established by the Victorian Government in recognition that local communities are in the best position to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by their region.

From the famous Great Ocean Road coastline to the Otway forests, from rich farmland to the streets of Victoria’s biggest regional city, Geelong, our region spans spectacular and diverse landscapes.

We have a dynamic economy, with a strong manufacturing and processing sector, and great potential for growth in the professional services, tourism, international education, healthcare, Information and Communication Technologies and agribusiness sectors.

Our region includes:

Map of the Barwon partnership region

Established in 2016, Victoria’s second term Regional Partnership committees were appointed at the beginning of 2021.

Over the next four years the Barwon Partnership will focus on:

  • Development of key transport and infrastructure links - An integrated, accessible and progressive transport network.
  • Social infrastructure and quality of life - Support fair and nurturing Barwon communities.
  • Sustainable Tourism - Support a smart growth framework that is environmentally and socially sustainable, particularly in addressing climate change.
  • Digital and Innovation - A flourishing culture of entrepreneurship innovation and growth.
  • Embracing and embedding Aboriginal Culture throughout the region - We acknowledge the rich and vibrant Indigenous history of our region as we work towards reconciliation.

The Partnership played a key role in providing the State Government a deep understanding of local COVID-19 impacts and opportunities through our Barwon coronavirus roundtable. It engaged Regional Development Australia members and local leaders to provide live insight of the pandemics impact and helped shaped the government’s recovery response.

Barwon Partnership's regional priorities are presented annually to Government. The Partnership has completed a Barwon Outcomes Roadmap (PDF 648.86 KB)PDF icon - a summary of the key long term outcomes the Partnership is striving to achieve and what success will look like for the region. The roadmap also includes a description of the actions and key projects the Partnership is focussing on.

While Partnership priorities have been supported in successive budgets our work is much more than winning funding at Budget time.

We have been active in bringing different groups and parts of Government together in our region, in getting people talking, listening to the needs and expectations of our communities, and providing Governments with insight into how we can design policy to effectively service our region.

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