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Enabling infrastructure Program Stream

Strategic and enabling infrastructure supports regional industries to innovate, build resilience, and improve their adaptability to changing economic and environmental conditions. This Regional Infrastructure Fund program stream recognises that investments in this area are critical in providing a competitive environment, where existing and emerging regional industries can operate. At the same time they help unlock the region’s growth potential.

Strategic infrastructure delivers innovative solutions to infrastructure constraints that have multiple beneficiaries and the potential to enable existing regional industries to expand. It also attracts new investment into regional communities, improves market access, creates new jobs and secures existing jobs.

Strategic infrastructure grants support innovative infrastructure solutions that demonstrate significant business and environmental sustainable outcomes. At the same time they lift industry standards and create or enhance the conditions for growth.

Investment in enabling infrastructure recognises that access to efficient and sustainable management of key resources is critical to the long-term viability and economic success of regional Victorian industries.

Activities that will be considered

Through the Enabling Infrastructure program stream, infrastructure grants may be available for:

  • projects that facilitate innovative solutions to infrastructure constraints which support multiple beneficiaries in regional Victoria and help grow the economic potential of the region
  • projects that support innovation in an industry’s management of its key infrastructure and offers a model that lifts industry standards (e.g. conversion of waste to energy)
  • access to utility services (i.e. water, energy, waste) that builds resilience and unlocks the growth potential of a business
  • water and energy demand management measures that address the security and reliability of supply, while improving the businesses’ operational sustainability
  • internal energy integration and water recycling or use of other non-potable supplies in fit-for-purpose applications which build resilience, secure existing regional businesses’ operations and provide certainty for future growth
  • transport infrastructure that directly supports economic activity and precincts
  • projects that deliver improved supply chain efficiency.

Application process

All project applications will be considered on an individual basis and will need to address distinct criteria which may include how the project will:

  • respond to an identified regional infrastructure need and/or industry need
  • provide multi-user infrastructure that delivers economic, social and environmental benefits to a region or across regions
  • improve resource use efficiency and improve its environmental footprint
  • go beyond the minimum regulatory requirement
  • improve supply chain efficiencies and linkages to markets
  • minimise congestion effects
  • support a network of settlements.

Applicants will also be required to demonstrate the project’s ability to address each of the core Regional Infrastructure Fund (RIF) criteria outlined in the Regional Infrastructure Fund application guidelines.

Prior to submitting an application, applicants are advised to:

  • read this information and the guidelines for the Regional Infrastructure Fund carefully to establish eligibility
  • discuss the proposed application with your local RDV office
  • read the terms and conditions for the funding offered.

Contact details

For further information and details on the application process please contact your local RDV office or email:

Download the Regional Infrastructure Fund - Enabling Infrastructure information sheet (PDF 79.4 KB)    (Word 54.2 KB)


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Last Updated: 15 April 2016