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Productive and Liveable Cities & Centres Program Stream

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This Regional Infrastructure Fund program stream will support significant infrastructure projects in regional cities, centres and towns. It will consider infrastructure projects that seek to facilitate and leverage new business, investment opportunities and jobs growth. The project should seek to increase spending within regional Victorian cities, centres, towns and precincts and improve access to and connectivity between transport, retail, service and cultural hubs.

Projects under this program stream will need to demonstrate the use of integrated land-use models to ensure that productivity, useability, liveability and sustainability outcomes are achieved. It also encourages strong local government, industry and community partnerships that continue to create or enhance the conditions for growth.

Well planned, multi-use precincts offer regional cities, centres and towns opportunities to realise their economic potential. They also enhance the viability of commercial activities and improve the prosperity of regional communities. By improving ageing and outdated infrastructure, and repurposing and reimaging uses for regional spaces, investments from this program stream seek to deliver vibrant and accessible precincts in which people can live, work, visit and do business.

Activities that will be considered

Through the Productive and Liveable Cities and Centres program stream, infrastructure grants may be available for:

  • developing new precincts that include a mix of retail, transport, community, cultural and business activities
  • creating new or revitalising existing precincts that create or enhance the conditions for economic growth through the delivery of improved employment, economic, training and education outcomes
  • activation of existing underperforming precincts that show potential to provide significant benefit to the regional communities’ economic and social base
  • unifying existing, or creating new heritage, cultural or arts precincts that offer a range of visitor and resident experiences.

Application process

All project applications will be considered on an individual basis and need to address distinct criteria which may include how the project will:

  • improve the economic performance of the precinct in relation to its core activities and encourage new or expanded investment within the precinct
  • demonstrate environmentally sustainable design initiatives that optimise the use of resources and encourage appropriate use of the precinct’s environment
  • adopt Universal Design principles to create environments useable by all people
  • improve business, transport, retail, education, social, cultural and industry linkages and integration and support liveability, access and connectivity that is appropriate for the community
  • demonstrate use of integrated land-use models
  • have a precinct plan in place.

Applicants will be required to demonstrate the project’s ability to address each of the core Regional Infrastructure Fund (RIF) criteria outlined in the Regional Infrastructure Fund application guidelines.

Prior to submitting an application, applicants are advised to:

  • read this information and the guidelines for the RIF carefully to establish eligibility
  • discuss the proposed application with your local RDV office
  • read the terms and conditions for the funding offered.

Contact details

For further information and details on the application process please contact your local RDV office or email:

Download the Regional Infrastructure Fund - Productive and Liveable Cities and Centres information sheet (PDF 79.8 KB)    (Word 176.2 KB)


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Last Updated: 15 April 2016