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Rural Development Program Stream

Growing the regional economy is an important part of the overall Victorian economic development strategy. A strong regional economy is critical for Victoria’s longer-term economic success and prosperity. Regional Victoria has a wide range of economic and social assets and resources. It plays a critical export role with commodities from regional Victoria accounting for around one third of Victoria’s exports.

The Regional Infrastructure Fund, Rural Development program stream seeks to capitalise on this by assisting rural Victoria’s businesses and communities. This program stream will do this by investing in local infrastructure, creating opportunities for economic growth and enhancing the appeal and liveability of rural towns and surrounding areas. It aims to assist the growth of rural Victoria by providing grants for infrastructure projects that have the potential to stimulate economic activity in rural towns and their surrounding areas.

Projects seeking funding will need to demonstrate how they will:

  • improve economic performance
  • harness key regional strengths
  • improve the liveability and attractiveness of rural towns
  • enhance the resilience and competitiveness of the location.

Prior to submitting a project proposal, applicants are advised to read the Regional Infrastructure Fund Rural Development application guidelines to see if your organisation and project are eligible.

For further information and details on the application process please contact your local RDV office or email:


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Last Updated: 15 April 2016