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Regional Development Victoria

Visitor Economy Program Stream

Aerial view of Ballarat Station in 2015

Infrastructure projects under this Regional Infrastructure Fund program stream will create new, or redevelop existing tourism and cultural assets that demonstrate a significant impact on the visitor economy. In particular, projects must attract increased visitors to the region and deliver an improved experience for those who visit and reside in regional Victoria.

Supporting investments in cultural assets is vital to developing culturally vibrant regional communities and in diversifying its economic base. Cultural assets improve the attractiveness and liveability of regional Victoria.

They also provide opportunities for regional and community education, and encourage engagement and community cohesion. Strengthening regional Victoria’s cultural assets is also important in attracting regional visitors through activities such as major events and festivals, and in increasing opportunities for ancillary spending in retail, hospitality and accommodation.

A strong regional Victorian tourism sector provides significant employment and economic opportunities. It also improves regional Victoria’s liveability and attractiveness.

By investing in the sustained growth of regional Victoria’s visitor economy, this program stream seeks to build on the identified regional strengths, including its natural assets, in order to attract private sector investment and deliver robust and diverse regional economies.

Activities that will be considered

Through the Visitor Economy program stream, infrastructure grants for major tourism projects may be available for:

  • projects that showcase nature-based experiences including opportunities in state and national parks
  • multi-use and single use trails in regions with an existing tourism sector
  • new adventure or experiential tourism opportunities
  • projects that enhance existing tourism experiences or remove barriers to growth of the tourism sector
  • projects that support regional Victoria’s development as a year-round destination.

Infrastructure grants for cultural projects may be available for:

  • regionally significant performing arts centres and regional art galleries
  • regionally significant museums which manage extensive collections or archives
  • projects which enhance existing cultural experiences or remove barriers to the growth of existing cultural sectors.

Application process

All project applications will be considered on an individual basis and will need to address distinct criteria.

Criteria for major tourism infrastructure projects may include how the project will:

  • leverage private sector investment
  • showcase a region’s natural assets
  • increase visitation to the region including intrastate, interstate and international visitors
  • support and encourage services that complement or grow existing visitor economy activities
  • increase the yield associated with tourism activities
  • adopt Universal Design principles to create environments useable by all people.

Criteria for cultural infrastructure projects may include how the project will:

  • showcase or re-define existing regional cultural assets
  • increase visitation to the region including intrastate, interstate and international visitors
  • improve access, quality and frequency of cultural activities
  • support or expand regional investment and business opportunities
  • improve community and cultural connectedness
  • adopt Universal Design principles to create environments useable by all people.

Applicants will be required to demonstrate the project’s ability to address each of the core Regional Infrastructure Fund (RIF) criteria outlined in the Regional Infrastructure Fund application guidelines.

Prior to submitting an application, applicants are advised to:

  • read this information and the guidelines for the RIF carefully to establish eligibility
  • discuss the proposed application with your local RDV office
  • read the terms and conditions for the funding offered.

Contact details

For further information and details on the application process please contact your local RDV office or email:

Download the Regional Infrastructure Fund - Visitor Economy information sheet (PDF 80.0 KB)    (Word 55.0 KB)

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