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Regional Infrastructure Fund

The Regional Infrastructure Fund seeks to assist the growth of rural Victoria by providing grants for infrastructure projects that have the potential to stimulate economic activity in Regional Victoria.


Bendigo airport

The Regional Infrastructure Fund (RIF) seeks to assist the growth of rural Victoria by providing grants for infrastructure projects that have the potential to stimulate economic activity in Regional Victoria.

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The arts to deliver more visitors and jobs

A boost in jobs, tourism and the local economy will be delivered with the $39.9 million Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) redevelopment

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Objectives of Program

The objectives of the RIF are:

  • to increase economic and social benefits through improved community access and usability of precincts
  • to increase economic and social benefits through investment in strategic infrastructure.

Funding Details

The RIF will comprise a single competitive round in the 2019/20 financial year.

The round will open on 6 November 2019 and close on 18 December 2019. Successful applications are expected to be announced in late-January 2020.

Funding available will be capped at $500,000 per project.

Maximum funding ratios are:


Maximum funding ratios for co-contributions

Regional City

Up to RDV $1 : $1 other

Large Rural Council

Up to RDV $2 : $1 other

Small Rural Council or Alpine Resort

Up to RDV $3 : $1 other

Projects seeking funding will need to demonstrate how they will:

  • improve economic performance and growth
  • create and capture value by harnessing key regional strengths such as social, environmental or economic assets, capital or specialisations
  • enhance the social and/or economic resilience and competitiveness of the location
  • align with state and regional priorities (i.e. Regional Partnership priority, or Regional, State or National or Council-endorsed plan or strategy)
  • maximise the value for money to the state including leveraging investment or funding from other sources
  • demonstrate long term feasibility and viability that will sustain positive impacts
  • be delivered within two years of receiving funding approval.

Funding will be provided for projects that:

  • improve the economic performance of a precinct
  • improve business, transport, retail, education, social, cultural, industry or community linkages
  • provide multi-purpose infrastructure, suitable and accessible for a wide range of business and community groups such as business hubs, co- working spaces, community and event facilities
  • support cultural initiatives of economic significance to the region such as renewal of buildings and sites, arts and cultural centres or resource facilities.

Application Process

To ensure the suitability of projects all applicants will need to go through the following process.

Step 1: Prior to application

Prior to submitting a formal application, applicants are advised to:

  • read these Application Guidelines to establish eligibility
  • discuss the proposed project with your local RDV representative
  • read the terms and conditions for the funding offered
  • express interest in applying for financial assistance by preparing a short description of the project, including the magnitude of the investment and jobs to be retained and created through the project.

Step 2: Prepare an application

If the initial assessment is successful, the applicant will be invited to apply for program funding and

an online link to an application form will be sent to the applicant.

Applicants should use the online application

form to clearly and succinctly describe the project by detailing:

  • the challenge or opportunity it is looking to address;
  • the objectives of the project;
  • the desired outcomes;
  • the outputs to be delivered; and
  • any resource requirements.

Applicants should address the assessment criteria of the RIF program and provide the supporting documents required by the application form.

Applicants should submit the following documents where required with the application.

All applications must provide:

  • a response to the assessment criteria
  • completed project plan, including consideration of key risks
  • cost estimates/quotes
  • letters of support, as appropriate
  • evidence confirming funding sources
  • evidence of land ownership/tenure

As required, applications should also include:

  • a joint use agreement or a completed notification of intent to enter into a joint use agreement form, including a letter of endorsement from the relevant agency
  • copy of completed Cultural Heritage Management Plan, Vegetation Assessments, Environmental Management Plans, etc. as appropriate or evidence that these types of plans are not required
  • evidence that relevant approvals to commence the project have been obtained, such as Planning Permit, Heritage Victoria Permit, etc.
  • schematic plans for the project.

For grants over $300,000, also provide:

  • quantity surveyor’s estimate
  • construction plans for the project (desirable).

Where the applicant proposes to enter the funding agreement on behalf of a supported organisation the application must include written confirmation from the supported organisation that they have reviewed the application and agree to its content and that the project will be delivered by the applicant on their behalf.

Step 3: Assessment process

Applications will undergo a two-stage assessment process.

  1. Determining the proposed project’s eligibility. This will be done by assessing the project’s ability to meet the assessment criteria outlined in Step 2. This stage will also consider key risks and issues associated with the project.
  2. Eligible applications will be considered by the Assessment Panel against the assessment criteria.

The Assessment Panel will make a recommendation to the Minister for Regional Development.

The Assessment Panel is chaired by RDV and includes representatives from the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, the Department of Treasury and Finance and the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Where relevant, comments and advice will be sought from other Victorian government departments and agencies.

Step 1

Review the RIF Application Guidelines and application guidelines

Step 2

Contact your local RDV office to discuss eligibility

Step 3

Complete the funding application and submit with associated documentation

Download Resources

Resource Download
RJIF Application Guidelines 2019 (256.4 KB ) Download
RJIF Application Guidelines 2019 (124.8 KB ) Download

Projects funded by this program

This table includes projects funded under the previous program streams:

  • Enabling Infrastructure
  • Productive and Liveable Cities and Centres
  • Rural Development
  • Visitor Economy
Project Name Region Year Amount Funded
Bendigo Airport Upgrade (Stage 2) Loddon Campaspe 2012 $4,700,000
Ararat Arts Precinct Redevelopment Central Highlands 2015 $5,200,000
Wedderburn Streetscape Improvement Project Loddon Campaspe 2015 $1,490,000
Geelong Performing Arts Centre (GPAC) Stage 2 - Ryrie Street Redevelopment Project Barwon 2015 $30,000,000
Mangalore Airport Expansion Goulburn 2016 $327,450
Mildura Airport (YMIA) Runway 09-27 Extension Project Mallee 2016 $5,000,211
Charlton Park 2020 Multi-Purpose Facility Development Mallee 2017 $1,100,000
Wangaratta Livestock Exchange Redevelopment Ovens Murray 2015 $500,000
Euroa Saleyards Redevelopment Stage 2 Goulburn 2016 $500,000
Henty Employment Precinct Infrastructure Upgrade Great South Coast 2017 $1,500,000
Corryong Airport Precinct Development Ovens Murray 2016 $532,399
Eureka Stadium and Sports Infrastructure - CE Brown Reserve Upgrade Central Highlands 2015 $2,500,000
Eureka Stadium and Sports Infrastructure - Eureka Stadium Upgrade Central Highlands 2015 $21,976,000
Eureka Stadium and Sports Infrastructure - Ballarat Sports and Events Centre component Central Highlands 2016 $9,000,000
May Park Revitalisation Project Wimmera Southern Mallee 2016 $312,000
Horsham North Hub Wimmera Southern Mallee 2016 $1,000,000
Latrobe Creative Precinct Gippsland 2016 $10,000,000
Warrnambool City Centre Renewal Great South Coast 2016 $5,000,000
Ballarat Station Precinct Redevelopment Central Highlands 2016 $27,720,000
Leopold Community Hub Stage 2 Project Barwon 2017 $3,000,000
Wallan Town Centre Redevelopment Project Goulburn 2017 $1,500,000
Donald Multipurpose Community Facility Redevelopment Mallee 2017 $1,000,000
Buloke Major Towns Central Business Precinct Master Plan Project Mallee 2015 $26,600
Donald Archives Museum Facility Upgrade Mallee 2015 $33,750
Buloke Shire: Foletti Park Upgrade Mallee 2015 $65,250
Benalla Airport Redevelopment Ovens Murray 2016 $500,000
Kaniva Community Hub Wimmera Southern Mallee 2016 $495,000
Tourism North East: Enhancements to Murray to Mountains Rail Trail Ovens Murray 2016 $50,000
Access for (h)all - Glenlyon Hall Central Highlands 2016 $300,000
St Arnaud Streetscape Stage 6 Wimmera Southern Mallee 2016 $300,000
Timboon Streetscape Great South Coast 2016 $400,000
Moyston Hall Redevelopment Central Highlands 2016 $330,000
Renewal and Revitalisation of the Kerang Business Precinct Mallee 2016 $500,000
Riverside Holiday Park - Dimboola Wimmera Southern Mallee 2016 $320,000
“Living Landsborough”- Landsborough Community Precinct Central Highlands 2016 $330,000
Lake Fyans South Bank Upgrade Barwon 2016 $187,500
Boosting Boundary Bend Project (Swan Hill) Mallee 2016 $75,000
Catalina Park Activation (Swan Hill) Mallee 2016 $297,000
Maryborough Princes Park Enhancement Loddon Campaspe 2016 $366,666
Gisborne Retail Precinct Rejuvenation Loddon Campaspe 2016 $200,000
Mortlake Streetscape Stage 2 Great South Coast 2016 $300,000
Point Grey Precinct Redevelopment Business Case Barwon 2016 $40,000
Bridgewater-on-Loddon River Precinct Upgrade Loddon Campaspe 2016 $300,000
Swan Hill River Walk Enhancement Stage 2 Mallee 2016 $256,500
Telephone Box Junction Hub Development Mt Stirling Ovens Murray 2016 $210,000
Castlemaine Goods Shed Business Case and Design Study (Castlemaine State Festival Ltd) Loddon Campaspe 2016 $19,200
Avenel Hall Upgrade Goulburn 2016 $300,000
Alpine Better Places – Economic Rejuvenation for Bright Ovens Murray 2016 $500,000
Advancing Intensive Agricultural Opportunities in the Loddon Mallee Region Mallee 2017 $50,000
Alpine Better Places - Economic Rejuvenation for Porepunkah Ovens Murray 2017 $500,000
Victorian Goldfields Railway Service Reorientation - Business Case and Design (Stage 1) Loddon Campaspe 2017 $35,000
Chiltern Town Centre and Connectivity Ovens Murray 2017 $200,000
Kyneton – Campaspe River Trail Improvement and Connections Project Loddon Campaspe 2017 $300,000
Loch Sport Foreshore Redevelopment Gippsland 2017 $175,000
Moonambel Water Supply Concept Design Central Highlands 2017 $50,000
Romsey Streetscape and Access Project Loddon Campaspe 2017 $400,000
Woomelang Shopping Precinct Upgrade Wimmera Southern Mallee 2017 $100,000
The Great River Road (Towong) Ovens Murray 2017 $330,000
Sovereign Hill By Day and By Night: Driving Regional Tourism Dispersal Central Highlands 2015 $8,000,000
Benalla Auto Club Inc: Winton Motor Raceway On Track For The Future Ovens Murray 2015 $1,000,000
Shepparton Art Museum Goulburn 2016 $10,000,000
West Gippsland Arts Centre, Warragul: Redevelopment and Seating Capacity Expansion Project Gippsland 2016 $4,000,000
Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour Precinct Public Access and Infrastructure Development Barwon 2016 $4,000,000
Grampians Peaks Trail - Stage 2 Wimmera Southern Mallee 2016 $20,200,000
Harcourt Mountain Bike Park Loddon Campaspe 2016 $1,990,000
State Motor Sports Complex at Broadford: Stage 2 Feasibility Study for the expansion Goulburn 2016 $1,490,000
Minyip and Brim Streetscape and Travellers Rest Upgrade Wimmera Southern Mallee 2015 $130,500
Wimmera Development Association Inc Strategic Plan 2016-2020 Wimmera Southern Mallee 2016 $23,000
Wheatlands Warracknabeal Agricultural Machinery Museum Redevelopment Wimmera Southern Mallee 2015 $100,000
Yarriambiack Shire Walking Tracks Construction Wimmera Southern Mallee 2015 $112,200
Resurrection of Lake Daylesford Central Highlands 2016 $250,000
Sustainable Community Hubs (Pyrenees) Central Highlands 2018 $230,000
East Street Heavy Vehicle Access Improvements Central Highlands 2017 $400,000
Lake Charlegrark Precinct Development Wimmera Southern Mallee 2018 $200,000
Rochester Market Reserve Project Loddon Campaspe 2018 $151,000
Ararat Freight and Logistics Study Central Highlands 2016 $95,671
  • This may not be a comprehensive listing of all announced funding through the Regional Infrastructure Fund
  • CiC indicates the project funded amount is Commercial or Cabinet in Confidence
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