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Regional Worker Accommodation Fund

Creating more housing and accommodation for key workers.


The $150 million Regional Worker Accommodation Fund provides new housing and accommodation for regional communities where workers in key industries and their families are struggling to find places to live. The fund will support employers to attract and retain workers by supporting projects that create more affordable housing and accommodation. This will stimulate economic growth and support our regions to thrive.

The fund will support the delivery of housing, accommodation and related infrastructure, across all Victorian rural and regional Local Government Areas. It will be funded over three years, starting in 2023-24.

Objectives of Program

The Regional Worker Accommodation Fund aims to increase prosperity, opportunity, and liveability for regional communities. The fund will invest in housing, accommodation and related infrastructure that increases the supply of appropriate and affordable housing and accommodation for key workers and their families.

The desired outcomes for the Regional Worker Accommodation Fund are:

  • A net increase in appropriate and affordable regional housing and accommodation for key workers and their families.
  • Regional businesses and services are better able to meet their immediate and future staffing needs.
  • Regional communities have improved access to services through attraction and retention of workers in sectors critical to their location.
  • A thriving, healthy and sustainable workforce, through safe, well-designed and environmentally sustainable projects that are integrated with their community that benefits the location.

Funding Details

Applicants may apply for grants between $150,000 and $5,000,000 (ex GST) per project. Funding will be delivered in rounds.

Co-contribution requirements

There is no minimum co-contribution requirement. However, all applicants are encouraged to contribute towards the total project budget of eligible activities and expenses for key worker housing.

Project proposals able to demonstrate financial contributions towards eligible activities and expenses will be considered favourably during assessment. Additionally, private sector applicants must confirm their maximum level of contribution towards eligible activities and expenses.

What will be funded

Funding will be provided for housing, accommodation and related infrastructure that increases the supply of appropriate and affordable housing and accommodation for key workers and their families. The projects must support job security, economic growth, and improved access to services across rural and regional Victoria.

Applicants will be asked to describe a proposed project that delivers a net increase of housing and accommodation for key workers, and provide evidence that it is needed in that location.

Funding will only be provided to support projects that would not have been delivered without government intervention.

Projects must:

  • Provide housing or accommodation for key workers and their families in regional locations.
  • Deliver a net gain or increase in appropriate housing or accommodation in that location for key workers and their families.
  • Provide affordable housing or accommodation for key workers and their families for a minimum of 5 years following completion.
  • Provide housing or accommodation that will be available for key workers and their families at least 70% of the time throughout the annual period of demand.
  • Show a direct benefit to the location and its community through alignment with the Fund objectives (Section 1.2 of Program Guidelines) and outcomes (Section 1.3 of Program Guidelines).

Projects may also show alignment with current and relevant government (local, regional, state, or federal) economic and placed-based plans or strategies.

Further information on eligible projects, funding and the application and outcome process are outlined in the Program Guidelines and frequently asked questions.

Expressions of interest close at 11:59 pm 25 February 2024.

Application Process

Expressions of interest opened 1 December 2023 and close at 11:59 pm 25 February 2024. If your expression of interest is successful, you will be invited to submit a formal application in late March 2024.

Potential applicants are encouraged to consider their ability to meet the program requirements and how they will perform against the assessment criteria before developing an application.

You must first discuss the proposed project with your local RDV Business Centre. The department will provide you with feedback on the project’s suitability for funding under the program and will also provide you with a link to the online expression of interest form.

The Program Guidelines provide further details about preparing an application.

Step 1

Read the Program Guidelines and check that the project addresses the assessment criteria.

Step 2

Contact your local RDV office to discuss the proposed project and express interest in applying.

Step 3

The RDV office will provide a link to the online expression of interest application form.

Download Resources

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RWAF Program Guidelines (552.7 KB ) Download
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