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Boosting liveability in Lethbridge


Tambark and rubber floored children's park with multiple structures for swinging, climbing and slides.

Lethbridge is now an even better place for people to visit and call home with new infrastructure upgrades at Lethbridge Recreation Reserve.

A popular home for families, Lethbridge is forecast to experience significant population growth in coming years. This is driving a strong need for outdoor infrastructure, such as the Play Space, to support the health and wellbeing needs of the community particularly as more people move into the town.

Lethbridge Recreation Reserve is at the heart of the action for community members, providing space for play, exercise and socialising. Just a short walk from Lethbridge Lake and Lethbridge Primary School, the reserve plays an important role in bringing people together and forging community connections.

Works at the reserve have upgraded play equipment to ensure kids have access to slides, climbing equipment, swings and seesaws, as well as plenty of open space for playing and socialising.

The project has also installed better and more comfortable public furniture, improved pathways around the play space and beautified the area through landscaping works.

This will ensure that the Play Space and surrounds are more accessible, comfortable and welcoming for all community members, making it an even better place to enjoy the outdoors with family, friends and neighbours.

The upgrades were made possible by a $200,000 investment through the Living Local Fund and created 29 jobs during construction.

These upgrades are also set to provide an economic boost for Lethbridge, drawing more visitors to the town and increasing foot traffic around the reserve and nearby businesses, including the General Store.

An increase in participation at the reserve and subsequent boost for local businesses means these upgrades also stand to drive more sponsorship opportunities for community groups.

For more information, visit Living Local Regional Fund.