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Bringing a local fuel supply to Murrayville


Murrayville’s self-service fuel station is managed by Sunraysia Petroleum and operates 24 hours, seven days a week to serve motorists with both diesel and petroleum.

The fuel station supports workers who frequently use the Mallee Highway near Murrayville, including the agriculture and construction industries.

Workers from these industries travel large distances across regional Victoria and interstate without refuelling, making the new fuel station an important part of their journey.

The project responds to community demands for a local fuel supply.

Located between Ouyen and the South Australian border, Murrayville is a small town surrounded by Victoria’s western desert national parks.

Murrayville is nearby to the popular Border Track that is frequently used by off-road vehicles, meaning more fuel will be available for visitor’s journeys.

The creation of Murrayville’s permanent fuel station is supported by a $400,000 investment through the Regional Infrastructure Fund.

This project has been part of our investment of more than $41 billion in rural and regional Victoria.

For more information go to Regional Infrastructure Fund.