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Geelong and Surf Coast Laundry set to clean up


Workers at laundry holding sheets towards a large machine.

A Geelong commercial laundry is set to significantly grow its business and employ more staff.

Geelong and Surf Coast Laundry has installed new equipment, including a new high-tech ironing line and towel folders, along with a semi-automatic sorting system.

It will enable the company to increase its laundry throughput from 30 to 80 tonnes a week, and double its staff from 21 to 42.
The new machinery will improve staff production and efficiency by more than 40%, while significantly reducing handling and staff fatigue.

Eng Ho and Marciella Leonny purchased the business in 2012.

Since then, they have developed it into the only high volume, commercial laundry service in Geelong. It provides services to Geelong, regional and Melbourne businesses. Thanks to its new increased capacity and efficiency, the company can compete for more contracts.

This will help it capitalise on increasing demand for laundry handling from the accommodation, health, and hospitality sectors.

That demand is due to Geelong’s population growth, as well as more tourism opportunities such as new hotel developments and the Spirit of Tasmania now docking in Geelong.

And the company’s new equipment is already reaping results. It has already hired eight new staff and secured 6 new clients.
The project was made possible by a grant from the Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, which is helping regional business to grow their capacity and workforce.

It’s part of the government’s record investment of more than $41 billion in rural and regional Victoria since 2015.

For more information, visit the Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund.