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Geelong’s Green Spine open to public


The latest section of the Green Spine project in Geelong is complete and has opened to shoppers in time for Christmas with major works completed.

The Green Spine project is being delivered over 6 blocks of Malop Street, with block 3 spanning Yarra Street to Bellerine Street.

The upgrades include native plants, a raised pedestrian crossing and some improvements to the road.  The works also include a new bike lane on Malop Street to make the street safer for cyclists and pedestrians. New seating and planting will also encourage shoppers to stay longer in the CBD.

The Green Spine project is part of the Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan with several blocks funded through the Geelong City Deal.

Victorian building company Bild Infrastructure completed the latest construction works. Bild worked with local businesses to minimise disruption to trading during construction.

For more information on the Geelong City Deal visit the Australian Government City Deals page.