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Stargazing opportunity to dazzle Gippsland


Painted artwork depicting the dark blue night sky with stars and large, patterned, Bogong moths

A Gunaikurnai artist from East Gippsland is helping all Australians understand the connection between life and the night sky through cultural stories, thanks to a new stargazing project.

Artwork by local Gunaikurnai Monero artist Alfred Hudson features on signage across 13 Gippsland locations ideal for stargazing.

The signage includes Alfred’s ‘Mother’s Night Sky' artwork from 2022 which illustrates how stars represent the seasons, time for hunting, eating and moving across Country in Gunaikurnai culture.

‘Mother’s Night Sky’ also features an emu, which represents the cultural story of a boy stuck in a river and was saved by an emu who sacrificed itself and became the Southern Cross.

For Alfred, the Southern Cross in the night sky reminds him of his mother who, like the emu, represents a mother’s sacrifice and love. The artwork also features several Bogong moth decorations which were seasonal food for Gunaikurnai people, and an owl hidden in the artwork to represent the wisdom of the Elders.

Stargazing signage can be found in Mallacoota, Nowa Nowa, Orbost, Cann River, Point Hicks, Cape Conran, Marlo, Buchan, Bruthen, Omeo, Lake Tyers, Dargo and Loch Sport which are ideal places to view the Milky Way. In Gunaikurnai culture, the Milky Way represents the rich river systems across Country.

Two mobile observatories including telescopes, binoculars and torches are also available for special public stargazing events. They also open up opportunity for more astronomy events in Gippsland.

The initiative is supported by $267,000 from the Local Economy Recovery program and Destination Gippsland.

For visitors keen to learn more and find the best spots across Gippsland, you can plan your trip via Stargazing Gippsland.