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Healthy Hearts for Loddon Campaspe


In August 2017, the Minister for Regional Development announced $150,000 for the development of a business case for the Healthy Heart of Victoria initiative.  

This funding was a direct result of the Government listening to the needs of the community, and followed extensive consultation and engagement by the Regional Partnership. 

There are some alarming facts for the region including that:

  • the proportion of the adult population that are reporting being obese in the Loddon Campaspe region is 24.3%. This is somewhat higher than the Victorian average of 18.8%;
  • the percentage of people who do not meet dietary guidelines for either fruit or vegetable consumption is the highest in the state;
  • the rates of avoidable deaths among people aged less than 75 from cancer and heart disease are the highest in the state and
  • four of the six LGAs are in the top 20 heart attack hot spots in Victoria by local government area in the period from 2007 to 2013.

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Since the announcement of funding, this initiative has been on an incredible journey bringing together 96 people from 20 different organisations with over 500 hours spent developing and executing the Healthy Heart Workshop series across the Loddon Campaspe region.

The result of this intensive work is a co-designed, regionally owned, implementation model aimed at improving health outcomes for the community.  

Healthy Hearts Infographic

This work has helped form a pitch, ensuring a consistent message of what the region needs is delivered. 

So, what does this pitch look like?

It has three components that support each other to achieve real change in preventable health outcomes for people in the region. 

These include:  

  • A localised support network of health and wellbeing advocates to build knowledge and drive change to make health everybody’s business across the region;
  • An active living census - survey of community members' activity levels and preferences within regional and rural municipalities;
  • Using the survey results to better inform infrastructure and program planning to encourage active lifestyles. 

The next step for the Healthy Heart initiative is to develop strong advocacy tools to support delivering the message to a broader audience and, in turn, to seek support to make this pitch a reality. 

A project reference group has been established to support further development and advocacy for this project. This will include further engagement with the community to help tell the local story as to why this priority is so important.

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