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The 2018 Central Highlands Assembly in summary by Chair George Fong


The 2018 Central Highlands Regional Assembly – our third – was another chance for the Partnership and attending Ministers, including the Premier, to hear from our community, including from young people, as well as an opportunity to bring participants up to date with some of the top priorities the Regional Partnership has been working on. 

It was also a great opportunity to showcase some of our local premium producers and produce, and I would particularly like to thank Mt Franklin Organics, Brooklands Free Range Farm, The Fermentary, Real Eggs (Honest Eggs), Milking Yard Farm and Angelica Organic Farm, all local companies who took part in our Agriculture Expo.

The event – held in Ballarat on 14 June – kicked off with a Youth Assembly, attended by more than 60 young delegates representing schools across the region. Many of these young people remained for the main Assembly – attended by more than 220 community members and Government Ministers including the Premier – where all participants heard about the following Partnership priorities – energy, homelessness, health, digital connectivity and agriculture – and then had the opportunity to add their views.

A video was shown at the Assembly summarising the first three of these issues and the actions being taken by the Partnership in these areas. 

Unlike at previous Assemblies, this year there were no tables to sit around. Rather, participants had the opportunity to visit five themed areas and then to add their views on the Partnership priorities – either by adding to a graffiti wall or filling in booklets.

The set up led to great conversations and networking, and generated many ideas which the Partnership will now review.

As promised on the night, the Partnership has collated all comments written down in booklets and on the graffiti walls by participants at the Assembly into an unedited record. You can view the unedited notes from participants here. (Central Highlands Regional Assembly - Unedited record (PDF 1.5 MB)

Next Steps 

As a Partnership, our role is to now take all the messages we have heard through the Assembly, and through other consultation, to further shape our priorities moving forward. We will present these Priorities to the Victorian Government’s Rural and Regional Ministerial Committee shortly.


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