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Comparing plant-based and synthetic medicine

An Australian company specialising in the research, cultivation, manufacturing and delivery of plant-based medicine has opened its second site in Greater Shepparton following support from the Victorian Government’s Regional Jobs Fund.

Cannatrek found success in its first site in Brisbane, Queensland with a dedicated research and development greenhouse facility.

The new site in Victoria will create 76 new jobs for the region, boosting employment opportunities for those living regionally. However, it’s the flow on effect where even more Victorians could benefit from plant-based medicine.

The difference between plant-based and synthetic medicine is some thousand years. Before the creation of synthetic-based drugs, people relied on plant or herbal remedies to provide relief for their health issues.

The big difference is the control element of synthetic drugs where they are prepared using strict standard procedures and each batch is identical.

While they have been around for a shorter time compared to plant-based medicine, more is known about the common drugs found at pharmacies and their impact on healing the body. The research, readily available information and positive stories around treatment can bring more confidence to patients.

Cannatrek’s Greater Shepparton site welcomes a multi-million-dollar medicinal cannabis outdoor growth facility which includes an indoor cultivation area and post-harvest facility involving packaging, storage and distribution around Australia. With various weather conditions and the environment controlling the production of the cannabis plant, each crop will be different but will have the benefit of growing all year round.

The possibility of a glasshouse development later down the track will allow more hands-on operation of the product.

Growing the cannabis plant locally will allow the freshest and highest quality product compared to if it was imported overseas. Plant-based therapies have a holistic approach and seen as a more natural way to give relief to emotional or mental health needs. It can even relieve some pain and sleep related symptoms.

As the knowledge grows around plant-based therapies and the benefits attached to it, the initial ideas around it are slowly moving in another direction.

It’s a direction the Victorian Government is contributing to with the project linking back to the Medicinal Cannabis Industry Development Plan that has an aim to supply half of Australia’s medicinal cannabis by 2028.

For more information, visit Cannatrek.