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Wine Growth Fund

The Wine Growth Fund was a small grants program designed to support initiatives to develop the Victorian wine industry.


Tasting wine in regional Victoria

The Wine Growth Fund was a small grants program to support initiatives to develop the wine industry in Victoria.

The Wine Growth Fund forms part of the Victorian Government's $1 million commitment to support the Victorian wine industry. The Victorian Government also committed to establish the Wine Industry Ministerial Advisory Committee and deliver the Wine Industry Development Strategy. The Wine Industry Ministerial Advisory Committee provides guidance for the Fund, including input into guidelines and grant priorities.

The Wine Growth Fund is currently closed and the fund is not currently accepting applications.

Objectives of Program

The Wine Growth Fund aimed to develop and grow the wine industry in Victoria, and to support the industry to be viable and sustainable.

The key objectives of the Fund were to:

  • support adaptation to a new industry operating environment
  • increase visitation and expenditure within Victorian wine regions
  • develop profitable and sustainable export markets
  • strengthen industry structure and coordination
  • Support investment and jobs.

Funding Details

Grants up to a maximum of $20,000 were available to individual organisations. Collaborative projects involving more than one organisation may be funded up to $50,000 per project.

Applicants were expected to make a financial contribution and/or source third-party funding. Grants were provided on a $1 for $1 basis. Matching funds may be from a variety of sources including from a group of wineries or growers, associations, regional organisations or the Australian Government. In-kind contributions are not accepted as part of the funding contribution.

Applications for the Wine Growth Fund are now closed and the fund is not currently accepting applications.

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Projects funded by this program

Project Name Region Year Amount Funded
Passing Clouds Pty Ltd: A Wine & Train Tourism Venture Central Highlands 2017 CiC
Grape Farm Winery: Hospitality Expansion Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Blue Pyrenees Estate Wine Education Centre Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Summerfield Winery: Expansion of Cellar Door and creation of cafe Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Quartz Hill Wines: Straw bale cellar door Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Pizzini Wines: Kiln Transformation – Enhancing the Cellar Door Experience Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Darling Estate Wines: E-commerce Website Development Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Dal Zotto Wines: Vineyard Floor Management Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Sam Miranda King Valley: Cooking School and Function Area Redevelopment Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Lake Moodemere Vineyards: Cellar Door Expansion - Estate Experience Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Cofield Wines: Say It With Vino' and Website Upgrade Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Buller Wines: China Export Development Program Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Valhalla Wines Cellar Door Reinvigoration Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Rutherglen Estates: Upgrade of Irrigation and Associated Systems Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Chalmers Wines: Future Grapes Research Project Mallee 2018 CiC
Tambo Wine: Function Centre Establishment Gippsland 2018 CiC
Wine In A Glass Pty Ltd - Much More Than A Winery Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Glenmaggie Wines Cellar Door Facility Gippsland 2018 CiC
Bass River Winery: Online Engagement Strategy between organic tourism and viticulture Gippsland 2018 CiC
Baie Wines: Digital Innovation Barwon 2018 CiC
Pondalowie Vineyards: Redevelopment of Online Marketing Strategy Barwon 2018 CiC
Austins Wines: Moorabool Valley Wine Club Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Hunter-Gatherer Vintners: Function Area Upgrade 2017 Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Balgownie Estate Bendigo: Glamping Experience at Balgownie Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Wilimee: Sustainable Vineyard Practices Loddon Campaspe 2018 CiC
Fowles Wine: Upton Run Climate and Vineyard Management project Goulburn 2019 CiC
AVBC Holding Pty Ltd - Amulet: Cellar Door Capacity Improvement Project Ovens Murray 2017 CiC
Indigo Wine Company: Cellar Door Expansion Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Eldorado Road Cellar Door Redevelopment - Food and Wine Experience Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Gapsted Wines: Export Samples Preparation Facility Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Scion Vineyard Redevelopment of Cellar Door and Winery Experience Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Box Grove Vineyard Website Development Goulburn 2018 CiC
Warrabilla Wines Website Upgrade 17/18 Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Alpine Wine Shop Upgrade and Complete Regional Cellar Door Ovens Murray 2018 CiC
Welshmans Reef Vineyard: Automated Bottling Line Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Tellurian Heathcote: Cellar Door Expansion Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Taradale House: Cellar Door Central Highlands 2019 CiC
Lyons Will Estate: Winery Expansion Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Harcourt Produce & General Store: Vertically integrated offering of Harcourt Valley wines Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Heathcote Tourism & Development Inc.: Promotion of Heathcote wineries, cellar door and point of difference in the region Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Jasper Hill: Heathcote Weather Station Project Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Lake Cooper Estate: Glamping project at Lake Cooper Estate Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Ecothought Pty Ltd: Regional winery micro climate data collection project Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Domaine Asmara Pty Ltd: Automated Bottling Line Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Billy Button Wines: Winery Facilities and Equipment Upgrade Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Baie Wines: Collaborative undervine straw spreading initiative Barwon 2019 CiC
Mt Duneed Estate: Cellar door relocation and expansion and commercial kitchen upgrade Barwon 2019 CiC
Oakdene Wines Pty Ltd: Oakdene eCommerce project Barwon 2019 CiC
Wine Geelong: Geelong Wine Region Roadshow to Melbourne Barwon 2019 CiC
Wilson's Wine Tours: Air Asia & Wilson's Wine Tours Activation Barwon 2019 CiC
South Gippsland Wine Company: South Gippsland Wine Company Solar Robotic Vineyard Project Gippsland 2019 CiC
Pyrenees Grape Growers And Winemakers Association Inc: Avoca Food & Wine Festival 2018 Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Grampians Winemakers: Grampians Winemakers Stands at Visitor Information Centres Central Highlands 2019 CiC
Sandy Farm Winery: Walking tracks Central Highlands 2018 CiC
SubRosa Wines: Subrosa wine e-commerce and digital marketing training project Central Highlands 2019 CiC
Mitchell Harris Investment Trust: Urban Winemaking and Education Facility Central Highlands 2019 CiC
Eastern Peake Vineyard: Clemens double side undervine weeder Central Highlands 2019 CiC
Lethbridge Wines: Cellar Door Improvement Project Central Highlands 2019 CiC
Mount Langi Ghiran Winery: Premium wine processing line Central Highlands 2019 CiC
Garden Gully Grampians Wine: Grampians Estate Cellar Door Redevelopment Project Central Highlands 2019 CiC
Fallen Giants: Cellar door expansion Wimmera Southern Mallee 2019 CiC
Victorian Wines Show Inc: 2017 Victorian Wine Show Statewide 2017 CiC
Winemakers of Rutherglen Inc: Events Strategy and Lifecycle Plan Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Willem Kurt Wines & DB Winemaking: Production Facilities and Cellar Door Construction Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Vignerons Schmolzer and Brown: New Winery and Cellar Door Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Tourism North East: Wine Enthusiast Campaign Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Squires Winery: Squires Wine Cellar Door Development Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Politini's Vineyard Pty Ltd: New Cellar Door Development Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Pizzini Wines: Cellar Door Expansion Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Pfeiffer Wines: Processing and Winery Modernisation Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Jones Winery & Vineyard: Frost Fan to Protect Vineyard Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
James & Co. Wines: Cellar Door Redevelopment Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Indigo Wine Company Limited: Barrell Experience Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Feathertop Winery - Boyntons Australia Pty Ltd: Wine Production Tank Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Delatite Wines Pty Ltd: Cellar Door Expansion and Eco Tourism Experience Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Dal Zotto Wines Pty Ltd: Stainless Steel Wine Bin Investment Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Austins Wines Pty Ltd: Austin's Wine Bar - Cellar Door Expansion Central Highlands 2020 CiC
Best's Wines Pty Ltd: Best's Wines Winery Redevelopment Central Highlands 2019 CiC
Blue Pyrenees Estate Pty Ltd: Regional Cross Flow Technology Central Highlands 2019 CiC
Brandmere Nominees Pty Ltd: Sustainable Viticulture Project Central Highlands 2017 CiC
Captains Creek Organic Wines: Enhancing the Cellar Door Food and Wine Experience Central Highlands 2019 CiC
Bass River Winery: International Sales Platforms for Gippsland Wines Gippsland 2019 CiC
Broken River Vineyards: Wine Bottle Labelling Equipment Upgrade Goulburn 2019 CiC
Fowles Wine Pty Ltd: Expansion of Fowles Wine's Cellar Door and Cafe at Avenel Goulburn 2019 CiC
Arundel Farm Estate: Improving water quality to improve grape quality Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
De Bortoli Wines Pty Ltd: Rutherglen Estates Upgrade of Irrigation & Associated Systems Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
Douglas J Rathbone and Grantali Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Doug Rathbone 1996 Family Trust: Yering Station Cellar Door Experience Greater Melbourne 2017 CiC
Easthill Estate: Easthill Estate Cellar Door Expansion Greater Melbourne 2017 CiC
Elmswood Estate: Elmswood Estate 2017-2018 Marketing Project Greater Melbourne 2017 CiC
Catherwood Sky Pty Ltd: Expansion to cellar door, verandah and upgrade to kitchen facilities Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Cobaw Ridge: Loft Accommodation Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Chalmers Wines Australia Pty Ltd: Winery Upgrade Mallee 2019 CiC
All Saints Estate Pty Ltd: E-Commerce Domestic and International Markets Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Arlo Vintners: Cellar Door and Storage Development Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Beechworth Vignerons Association: E-commerce Platform and Marketing Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard Pty Ltd: Family Cellar Development Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Buller Wines Pty Ltd and TFB Wine Investments Pty Ltd: Installation of Crossflow Filter Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Mountainside Wines: Cellar door kitchen creation Central Highlands 2019 CiC
Victorian Wines Show Inc: Victorian Wine Show 2019 Goulburn 2019 CiC
Grampians Estate Wine Company Pty. Ltd.: Grampians Estate Winery Café/Restaurant Feasibility Project Central Highlands 2018 CiC
Guildford Vineyard and Cellar: 4 tonne Grape Project : adapting to new wine industry operating environment Central Highlands 2017 CiC
Global City Connect: Wine product development for the Chinese Hot Pot market Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Granite Hills Wines Pty Ltd: Developing Export Growth into Asia Loddon Campaspe 2017 CiC
Mount Camel Winery and Vineyard Pty Ltd: Rebuild of website Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Talbot Provedore and Eatery: Central Victorian Online Wine Store Loddon Campaspe 2019 CiC
Yarra Valley Winegrowers Association: Yarra Valley Winegrowers Association- Members Resource & Tool Kit project Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
Lone Star Creek Vineyard: Top Dam Irrigation Project Greater Melbourne 2017 CiC
Mac Forbes Wines: Phylloxera Research project Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
Ronald B & Sheila W Phelan: Establishment of a Wine Production Facility Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
The Trustee for Atkins & Davis Trust: Winery and Cellar Door Expansion Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
Yarra Ranges Regional Marketing Ltd: Wine Promotion Project Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
Yeringberg Pty Ltd: Feasibility Study - Expansion of Production & Retail Greater Melbourne 2018 CiC
Melbourne Food and Wine Events Ltd: Food and Wine Victoria - Wine Month Feasibility Study Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
Wine Victoria: Accelerate Adoption of Rootstocks for Premium Wine Production Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
Nillumbik Estate: Wine cool storage extension Greater Melbourne 2017 CiC
Queenstown Vineyards: Winery Equipment - Buttermans Track Wines Greater Melbourne 2018 CiC
Shaws Road Winery: Expansion of capacity Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
Port Phillip and Western Port Catchment Management Authority: Composting to improve wine outcomes Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
OHO Media Pty Ltd: OHO Media Project Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
Shadowfax Winery Pty Ltd: Composter and closed loop system Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
Shadowfax Winery Pty Ltd: Shadowfax Wines Exports Plan Greater Melbourne 2019 CiC
M Antonello: Water Security - Market Demand Ovens Murray 2019 CiC
Grampians Tourism: Destination Marketing Wimmera Southern Mallee 2019 CiC
Grampians Tourism: Extension of Project Manager Role for the Grampians and Pyrenees Wine and Culinary Master Plan Implementation Project Wimmera Southern Mallee 2020 CiC
Gilmac (WA) Pty Ltd: St. Arnaud Hay Processing Facility Wimmera Southern Mallee 2018 CiC
Wine Geelong: Support Local, Buy Local Digital Campaign Barwon 2019 CiC
  • This may not be a comprehensive listing of all announced funding through the Wine Growth Fund
  • CiC indicates the project funded amount is Commercial or Cabinet in Confidence