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Baddaginnie community celebrates beloved hall


Locals in the rural town of Baddaginnie near Benalla have welcomed upgrades to a beloved public hall, enabling more community members to come together, thanks to support from the Victorian Government.

The improvements to the hall are designed to increase usage among community members. The upgrades are supported through a $20,000 investment from the Victorian Government.

The hall is the main public place in the small town of Baddaginnie, which has a population of just over 300 people and is located about 12 kilometres south of Benalla. It is available for rent and is used by the community for events, celebrations and features an outdoor space frequented by visitors passing through the town.

The upgrades have helped modernise the community hall, making it more attractive and accessible so that locals and visitors have a space they are encouraged to use to come together and enjoy.

Much-needed furniture and white goods have been purchased to fit out the hall, which is managed by Baddaginnie Community Incorporated. The not-for-profit group formed more than 20 years ago and supports projects and activities that bring the community together.

Folding tables, chairs, a fridge, dishwasher and large kitchen tabletop have transformed the space, along with outdoor improvements including blinds, landscaping and outdoor picnic settings. It has also enabled a gas supply to be connected to the hall.

The project will support Baddaginnie Jubilee Hall to reclaim functions lost to halls in neighbouring towns and encourage more volunteers to engage in the town’s beloved public asset.

The project is part of the Victorian Government’s record investment of more than $41 billion across rural and regional Victoria since 2015.