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Regional Economic Development Strategies (REDS)

Regional Victoria is a driving force behind our state's economic growth and prosperity.

Victoria's Regional Economic Development Strategies (REDS) identify strategic directions to further drive growth and prosperity in regional Victoria. The REDS represent a new direction in Victoria’s regional economic development, recognising that each region has unique strengths, challenges and opportunities.

The REDS provide a consistent evidence-based framework for understanding Victoria's regional economies. They can be used by all levels of government, regional communities, and businesses to work together, innovate, tackle challenges and make targeted investments to achieve stronger outcomes for their region.

The REDS will be central to making Victoria home to the nation’s most vibrant and successful regional economies.

Find your region's REDS below to learn more.

Each REDS is accompanied by:

  • A one-page summary
  • Supporting analysis providing detailed regional economic insights and data

REDS interactive data dashboards

To complement the REDS and REDS Supporting analysis, there are also nine interactive data dashboards, one for each Regional Partnership. The REDS data dashboards can be accessed via the links under the corresponding regions below. Much of the analysis described in the REDS Supporting Analysis is complementary to the dashboards and the two can be read in conjunction.

Before you begin, learn how to use the dashboards.

These dashboards will be periodically updated to keep the evidence base supporting the REDS up to date and relevant.

Regional Partnership regions

Click on your region below to access the REDS and interactive data dashboards.


Explore the Barwon interactive data dashboard.


Central Highlands

Explore the Central Highlands interactive data dashboard.



Explore the Gippsland interactive data dashboard.



Explore the Goulburn interactive data dashboard.


Great South Coast

Explore the Great South Coast interactive data dashboard.


Loddon Campaspe

Explore the Loddon Campaspe interactive data dashboard.



Explore the Mallee interactive data dashboard.


Ovens Murray

Explore the Ovens Murray interactive data dashboard.


Wimmera Southern Mallee

Explore the Wimmera Southern Mallee interactive data dashboard.