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Victorian Cross Border Commissioner

Many people living in Victoria’s border communities have economic and social networks that extend into New South Wales and South Australia. But legislative and regulatory differences between states can discourage people from taking up work and study opportunities across the border, while these differences can also prevent firms from doing business.

The need for a Victorian Cross Border Commissioner to broker agreements with other states for improved regulatory and service outcomes has long been recognised by border communities.

In 2018 the Victorian Government announced the appointment of Victoria’s first Cross Border Commissioner.

Victoria’s first Cross Border Commissioner Luke Wilson started in the new role in October 2018.

Over the coming months, the Cross Border Commissioner will meet with people along our state’s borders, from Mildura to Wodonga, Portland to far east Gippsland, to understand the issues faced by those living and working in cross border communities.

He will then work with communities on resolving those issues that impact on businesses, organisations and citizens who live, work and operate across state borders. Making it easier for firms to do business in other states has potential economic benefits, while addressing administrative and regulatory barriers to people accessing education, justice, health and human services has the potential to improve health and social outcomes in border communities.

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