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Twelve Apostles Precinct Redevelopment

Growing the region’s reputation as a remarkable world-class destination, while enhancing the hinterland, and protecting the national, coastal marine parks.


Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road

The $108.15 million Twelve Apostles Precinct Redevelopment delivers infrastructure projects in the Shipwreck Coast region. The Project includes the Shipwreck Coast priority projects in two phases – coastal and main works, and the Private Sector Business Enablement Fund (PSBEF).

Once complete, the Twelve Apostles Precinct will change how visitors experience the region. It will provide streamlined access to nature’s greatest attractions, while protecting the environment and cultural history at this spectacular location.

It will be safer and easier to enjoy the areas’ stunning natural assets, draw domestic and international visitors, and encourage visitors to stay longer, transforming a day visit into an overnight stay in the Shipwreck Coast region.

Our continuing partnership with the Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation (EMAC) is at the center of the project’s design, delivery, and future operation. Cultural representation, employment, and economic opportunities for the Eastern Maar people are key to the precinct’s redevelopment.

The Project is currently expected to be complete by 2025.

Map of the coastline showing main works near 12 Apsotles Hot Springs Resort

The Twelve Apostles Precinct Redevelopment map illustrates the integrated suite of project activity throughout the Shipwreck Coast region:

Coastal works

The coastal works will improve or build new coastal attractions and walking trails. The proposed works* include:

  • revegetation and safety improvements to the Loch Ard Gorge carpark
  • safety upgrades at Gibson Steps
  • upgraded visitor lookouts at Twelve Apostles and Gibson Steps, including an all-weather amphitheater at the Twelve Apostles lookout
  • upgrades to existing trails, and potential for new trails and lookouts between the Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge
  • a new transit pod is proposed at Loch Ard Gorge to support sustainable transport within the Precinct.

*subject to regulatory controls and approvals.

Main works

Main works feature a new Twelve Apostles Visitor Experience Centre, and is also proposed to include:

  • a park and ride facility
  • a temporary event space
  • substantial revegetation, landscaping, gardens and walking trails
  • new access roads
  • better parking at the Secret Apostles Lookout
  • a visitor shuttle shelter, eBike parking and toilets.
Above: Artist impression of the Twelve Apostles Visitor Experience Centre, foyer – subject to change.
Above: Artist impression of the Twelve Apostles Visitor Experience Centre, arial view – subject to change.

The Project will also fund water, electricity, and road infrastructure improvements. This will support local businesses and make local services more accessible.

Progress update

  • Grimshaw Architects has been appointed by Development Victoria as the Head Design Consultant for the coastal works. The design process has started in partnership with EMAC.
  • The project will offer opportunities for the community to have its say in 2023.
  • Community feedback will be considered in line with the project scope and a range of factors including safety, culture, environment and sustainability.
  • We can tell you when the project is offering opportunities to have your say if you register with us by email.

Private Sector Business Enablement Fund

The $108.15 million Project also delivers the $23.4 million Private Sector Business Enablement Fund (PSBEF) which was designed to help fund underlying infrastructure to support private sector investment in the Shipwreck Coast and Great Ocean Road regions.

Progress update

The following projects have been awarded under Round 1 of the program. These projects are:

  • Princetown Enabling Public Works – upgrades to Old Coach Road, construction of a replacement bridge and new trails, providing improved public access to the Princetown Recreation Reserve and enabling infrastructure for a proposed eco-lodge facility, Princetown Eco Stay.
  • Kangaroobie Camp – upgrades to wastewater treatment to support expansion of facilities, complete late 2022
  • Great Ocean Road Retreat, Peterborough – power upgrade and telecommunications and road infrastructure to support an accommodation investment
  • 12 Apostles Hot Springs Resort – enabling infrastructure including wastewater, storm water, portable water, and road infrastructure to support the Hot Springs resort accommodation investment.

Round 1 Projects are underway.  Applications for Round 2 are progressing through assessment.

Objectives of Program

This investment will shift the perception of the Shipwreck Coast and the Twelve Apostles Precinct from a day trip destination to an overnight and multi-day visitor experience, while maintaining the region’s unique local character and reducing the impacts of increased visitation on the local community

This project will deliver tourism infrastructure projects for the Shipwreck Coast and the Twelve Apostles Precinct to strengthen the region as a leading tourist destination and ensure benefits flow to local communities.


Visitor numbers to the Great Ocean Road and Shipwreck Coast are expected to increase.  To support this, the region needs better visitor facilities, services, and experiences. Walkways and viewing platforms will also be improved in the Port Campbell National Park. This will allow visitors to enjoy the coast's beauty and still protect the environment and cultural values.

The Victorian Government’s Shipwreck Coast Masterplan (SCMP) was developed in 2015. It aims to protect the coastline between Princetown and the Bay of Islands, attract more visitors and boost local jobs and the economy.

The SCMP guides public land management along the Shipwreck Coast. It will help build business confidence and investment on the coast and hinterland.

We consulted the local community and key stakeholders about the SCMP over three years. The Plan has 72 long-term initiatives which guide investment in facilities and infrastructure. Further information on the SCMP can be found on the Victorian Government Shipwreck Coast website.

As part of the SCMP, Parks Victoria is working with the Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation on initial projects worth $16.5 million in the Port Campbell National Park. These projects are:

  • a new $9.2 million lookout at the ‘Saddle’ in the Twelve Apostles Precinct that will expand viewing areas and improve accessibility for growing visitor numbers
  • another lookout at  ‘The Blowhole at Loch Ard Gorge
  • a new 60m pedestrian bridge which has been built over Port Campbell Creek, connecting Port Campbell to the national park.

The Shipwreck Coast priority projects build on Parks Victoria’s work and represent the next stage of development under the SCMP.

Funding Details

The Australian and Victorian Governments are funding the $108.15 million Twelve Apostles Precinct Redevelopment Project through the Geelong City Deal (GCD) for infrastructure projects in the Shipwreck Coast region. The funding includes:

  • $84.75 million for priority projects in the Shipwreck Coast region (coastal and main works)
  • a $23.4 million Private Sector Business Enablement Fund.

The Twelve Apostles Precinct Redevelopment Project is part of the $500 million GCD, a collaborative plan to transform Geelong and the Great Ocean Road by the Australian and Victorian Governments and local council.

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