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Ballarat GovHub

Project at-a-glance

Location: 101 Armstrong Street North, Ballarat
Victorian Government investment contribution: $47.8 million
Developer: Development Victoria
Architect: John Wardle Architects
Builder: Kane Constructions and Nicholson Construction joint venture
Tenants: Victorian Government – various agencies
Number of Victorian Government public servants: Up to 1000
Number of carparks for tenants: 220
Jobs created during construction: 500
Estimated completion: early 2021

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The Ballarat GovHub will be home to up to 1000 Victorian Government employees, including up to 600 public sector positions relocated from Melbourne, helping to revitalise a major part of the Ballarat CBD, generate long-term jobs growth, increase business confidence and further private sector investment.

The ‘Civic Hall Site’, which sits on Crown land, will be developed in partnership with the City of Ballarat.

Development Victoria is leading the development of a new government office within the Civic Hall Site in partnership with Regional Development Victoria, the Department of Premier and Cabinet and City of Ballarat. This will complete a community, government and commercial precinct in the Ballarat CBD.

The Victorian Government will work with the council to improve CBD car parking and offset the losses of parking at the Civic Hall Site. This includes providing $2 million towards the City of Ballarat's Car Parking Action Plan to provide for a minimum for 1000 new carparks to replace the 275 spaces currently on the Civic Hall Site.

Construction of the Ballarat GovHub commenced in early 2019 and will be completed by early 2021. The project will create up to 500 jobs during construction.

The Ballarat GovHub is one of multiple projects currently underway in Ballarat to help make it a great place to live, work and invest.

The building

The GovHub design includes:

  • An active ground floor space, incorporating the bricks and masonry theme of the Civic Hall precinct
  • A glass conservatory linking the Civic Hall to the GovHub
  • A reconstructed lower hall space for multi-purpose use
  • Five storeys of office space with a strong visual connection to the Ballarat CBD
  • Two levels of basement carparking offering around 220 car parks
  • End-of-trip facilities to encourage walking and cycling.

Traffic management during construction

Map of the traffic management plan around the Ballarat GovHub construction site

We know that locals and people farther afield have many questions about this new project. Here are some answers to help

Construction progress

Ballarat GovHub Questions and Answers

What is the GovHub?

The GovHub is a new government office to be located at the redeveloped Civic Hall Site in the heart of Ballarat.

The site will be transformed into an integrated workplace while retaining the existing outstanding features.

Ballarat GovHub will be home to up to 1000 government employees, including 600 public sector positions new to the city, consolidated with 400 positions current based in Ballarat.

Why this location?

The Civic Hall Site has long been recognised as one of the most strategically important sites for Ballarat, as it and the station are the only two sites in Ballarat's CBD that are unconstrained and suitable for large scale development purposes.

This site represents a rare opportunity for a strategic large-scale development in the heart of the Ballarat central business district.

Who owns the land?

The site is on Crown land. Development Victoria will undertake the development on the Victorian Government’s behalf. Development Victoria has a strong track record of successfully delivering large scale urban renewal projects that realise the full potential of government surplus land.

How much will it cost?

The new Ballarat GovHub will cost around $100 million dollars to develop. The Victorian Government has provided an additional $47 million funding to support the relocation of public sector position and fit-out of the building and will enter into a long-term lease-arrangement with the eventual facility owner.

Why relocate government positions to Ballarat?

Knowledge-intensive services and occupations are becoming more important to regional productivity and growth for cities like Ballarat. As a major employer in the State, Government can stimulate this kind of growth relocating Government positions to regional areas.

Government-led projects aimed at sharing economic growth and diversifying regional economies have proven to be successful in previously and the Government is committed to sharing growth opportunities right across the state. The GovHub will continue to renew and develop the Ballarat CBD as the economic hub of the city.

What are the planning arrangements?

The Ballarat GovHub will go ahead after the Minister for Planning, acting as the responsible authority for the project, approved the Incorporated Document for the site’s redevelopment, and amended the Ballarat Planning Scheme enabling the development to proceed.

How was the community consulted in the design of the building?

Extensive engagement with the community undertaken late 2017, including focus groups, the GovHub design launch event and stakeholder briefings, highlighted overwhelming support for the project. Public feedback from this engagement was considered in the final design that was submitted to the Minister for Planning.

The GovHub designs recognise the important cultural and community significance of the adjacent Civic Hall and library within the City of Ballarat while also creating a modern and accessible workplace.

Will there be further opportunities for the public to have a say in relation to the building design?

The design has been informed by community feedback and the Victorian Government will continue to work with the Ballarat community as the development progresses.

What does the final design include?

John Wardle Architects have designed the GovHub building to respect and connect with the heritage assets in the surrounding area. The design team has worked closely with the Office of the Victorian Government Architect to ensure the building respects the Civic Hall precinct and the wider Ballarat CBD, while demonstrating high architectural value.

A key feature of the new GovHub will be the continuation of brick and masonry through the podium area with a colour palette that is sympathetic to Civic Hall. The new conservatory and reconstructed ‘lower hall’ will stitch the two buildings together.

The final GovHub design includes:

  • An active ground floor space, incorporating the bricks and masonry theme of the Civic Hall precinct
  • A glass conservatory linking the Civic Hall to the GovHub
  • A reconstructed lower hall space for multi-purpose use
  • Five storeys of office space with a strong visual connection to the Ballarat CBD
  • Two levels of basement carparking offering around 220 car parks
  • End-of-trip facilities to encourage walking and cycling.

What role will the council have in planning?

As a project of statewide significance the Planning Minister now has planning controls over the GovHub. However, the City of Ballarat will continue to be consulted in the development of the site and will be closely involved in the ongoing development of the site.

What will happen to the current parking on site?

As part of the budget allocation, the City of Ballarat has been granted $2 million towards its CBD Carparking Action Plan. This funding will include construction of 1000 additional public car space located within the Ballarat CBD. The first component of the car parking, to be delivered by the City of Ballarat, will see approximately 300 public car parks developed on a site in Creswick Road (400 metres from Civic Hall). This will offset the 275 car parks that will be lost upon commencement of the construction of the Ballarat GovHub.

What are the timelines?

Work on the site began in late 2018, with the construction of the new building to commencing in early 2019 and completion scheduled for early 2021. Neighbouring residents and the Ballarat community will be kept informed of all stages as the building progresses.

Which Departments or Government agencies will be located at the new site?

GovHub provides an opportunity to facilitate a new integrated government service activity model that will encourage collaboration and innovation. A range of complementary Government activities and functions have been assembled to be integrated into the GovHub model. These include:

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